Video: Edinburgh chef is Youtube hit with Scots Scran

An Edinburgh chef has become an internet hit after posting hilarious videos of his recipes for traditional 'Scots scran'.

Andrew Scott, 26, who cooks under the pseudonym “Dodie McMuckie from Buckie”, has delighted viewers by serving up Highland classics such as stovies and oatcakes in martini glasses with ice cream wafers.

In the videos, Andrew says he has tried “to amp up the ridiculous aspects” of “grim” and “oddball” Scottish food.

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In the first of his recipe tutorials, which has over 11,000 views on YouTube, Scott serves up brose - oatmeal and boiling water - in a martini glass with a lemon slice.

In another, where he demonstrates how to cook stovies, he tells the viewer: “If it looks like an amorphous brown sludge that you’d get after eating a barrel full of tainted curry, then great, you’re ready to serve.”

Speaking about oatcakes, Andrew jokes: “They’re ready to serve on their own, dinnae eat anything else, just eat oatcakes. Eat them alone, in the dark, for a year. Dinnae go outside, just eat oatcakes.”

Whilst cooking up shortbread in one of his videos, he says: “We use a mixer for this, because it’s a lot easier and it’s not 1603.”

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Part way through preparing the dish, before it goes in the oven, he stops and says: “If you’ve no self control you could just eat this the now.”

Andrew has said he created the video series to show how “oddball” and “grim” Scots food can be.

He said: “I’ve lived all over, and I’m very aware how ridiculous and funny Doric can sound.”

“Combine that with how oddball and a bit grim Scottish food can be, and the series kind of grew from there.”

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“Not that I’m knocking Scottish food, well, ok I am a bit, but it’s food that I think more than other national cuisines is very tied to its location, and doesn’t travel well, so I tried to amp up the ridiculous aspects of it a bit.

“But all the recipes in the series are the real thing and you can follow them. So if it ends up being “edutainment”, well so be it.”

Andrew’s accent and cooking skills have received a warm reception on social media.

One user, known as Indoona, wrote on his Youtube channel: “Jamie Oliver move over.”

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Another, called NotBryson, said: “I couldn’t understand a word of this, but I subscribed anyway.”

Other users began giving Scott recipe advice, and demanding more tutorials.

UKP42 said: “What about us sweet tooth fans? Tablet perhaps?”

RoguePenguinScotland, said: “Half a teaspoon of Salt?! I think you meant “Saat” you must be from the posh side of Buckie lol.”

Ineedmyhat commented on the Brose recipe: “Looks f*g banging! Maybe try it wae sugar instead a salt.”

Andrew plans to release 15 videos overall, each Monday until christmas.