"We warn customers before they try it" - Leith cafe serves up round square sausage

Twitter users were not happy.

Wednesday, 11th December 2019, 5:00 pm
Ryan Singh serves a round square sausage to customer Caris Totton. Picture: Jon Savage.

From telephones to speedometers to digestive biscuits and coloured chalk, the list of inventions which Edinburgh has given the world runs long.

But added to this could be a fresh twist on a national breakfast staple which has been around for over a century.

Customers at a Leith cafe have taken to Twitter to express their surprise at the ‘round square’ on offer.

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The square sausages served by the cafe are shaped in burger patties, to better fit into a round roll.

A picture of the round square was shared on Twitter by Scottish author Gordon Guthrie, with the words: “Why Edinburgh is the tech hub of Scotland - round square sausage to better go on a roll, innovation for the win.”

Other Twitter users were less positive about the ‘innovation’.

“Never have I had a roll ‘n’ slice and thought ‘I’m enjoying this but the experience would be bettered by a lack of corners. Never,” said one.

Another added: “It’s a burger. They’ve invented the burger.”

One user pointed out that the corners of a square sausage should crisp up a little and ‘provide a little textural treat’ which may be lost from this ‘abomination’.

Ryan Singh, who runs Coffee & Cream with his father Gary, said the pair are careful to warn every customer before serving up the round square.

“Customers come in asking for a sliced square and we say we can’t do that, but we can do them a sliced round,” he said.

“We warn every customer before they try it.”

While round variations of the sausage have been spotted elsewhere in Scotland, Mr Singh said it’s not something he has seen in other local cafes.

The Singhs began offering the circular delicacy from when the cafe opened five years ago.

“We just wanted to do something different,” said Mr Singh.

Our butchers recommended we try something new and so we got them to make up some round squares in burger patties.”

“It’s very popular with customers - a lot of them come back. Many of them comment, they say it’s better than a square.”

The Singhs buy their meat from Batleys, with whom they have had a working relationship for over a decade, as the family ran a restaurant before opening the cafe.