Apple, Argos and Whirlpool products among electrical appliances recently recalled due to safety fears

Are you sure your tumble dryer is safe? (Photo: Shutterstock)Are you sure your tumble dryer is safe? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Are you sure your tumble dryer is safe? (Photo: Shutterstock)

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Product recalls are happening all the time, and it can be tricky keeping up to date with the latest item that could be putting you at risk.

This is a list of the electrical products that might be in your house that have been recalled in the past few months.

Product recalls

Whirlpool tumble dryers: Recalled on 11 June

Four years after Whirlpool initially admitted that as many as 800,000 faulty tumble dryers were sold in the UK, the company released its full list of all the fire-risk models.

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You can read the full list here.To determine whether your tumble dryer is one of the models at risk, you need to type your its model number into a checker on the Whirlpool website.Alternatively, you can call Whirlpool on 0800 151 0905 to find out if it needs a modification to repair it and arrange for it to be fixed or replaced.

SMOK And Innokin E-Cigarettes: Recalled on 5 June, sold by Argos

Recalled due to the external batteries that were supplied with the product was not compatible with e-cigarettes, and could overheat if used. This could potentially result in a fire or a burn injury.

The model numbers are:

Smok X Priv kit black and red - 7395615

Smok Mag kit 220 black prism - 8143639

Smok X Priv kit chrome - 8638151

Innokin Proton kit rainbow - 8647661

Smok Mag kit black and red - 8651592

Innokin Proton kit black - 8652175

You should return to your nearest Argos for a full refund.

Gentek Wireless Charging Pad: Recalled on 17 May

The product posed a risk of fire due to overheating whilst in use.

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The 5 W wireless induction charging pad is compatible with Qi devices - it also came in two different versions, either black or white.

Version 1: 26011 (black) and 26012 (white)

Version WC/2: 26021 (Black) and 26022 (White)

If you think you have an affected product, stop using it immediately and seek a refund from the retailer you purchased it from.

Apple Three-Prong AC Wall Plug Adaptor: Recalled on 25 April

The product was observed to break and expose consumers to live parts during use.

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The three-pin adaptors were sold in the UK, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong.

Sold from 2003 - 2010 with Mac and certain iOS devices and included in the Apple World TravelAdaptor Kit.

Stop using the product immediately and check this Apple webpage for further details.

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