Edinburgh is now home to ‘party-free’ halls of residence for teetotal students

Students who prefer studying to partying and peace and quiet to parties that last all night will no longer have to roll the dice when choosing their student accommodation.

Students looking for a quieter place to live will no longer have to roll the dice (Photo: Shutterstock)
Students looking for a quieter place to live will no longer have to roll the dice (Photo: Shutterstock)

A hall of residence in Edinburgh is the first to receive a new ‘Quieter Halls’ badge, meaning it is perfect for those students looking to live a quieter lifestyle.

How does it work?

The system, which is run by mystudenthalls.com, gives each student accommodation a rating for how loud and noisy it is.

Based on criteria such as whether accommodation has ‘quiet zones’, a visitor policy, and alcohol-free accommodation, the accreditation system awards the Quieter Halls badge to halls which fulfill all the criteria.

Other criteria include a specific ‘noise curfew’ with what the system describes as “clearly defined quiet hours” and a commitment to “quiet living”.

Companies offering accommodation are also recommended to offer guidance to students about not practicing musical instruments, not having pets, and not playing loud music without headphones.

Doors with soft-close mechanisms and vehicle curfews are also recommended to be in place.

Edinburgh home to one of the first Quieter Halls

Student Castle Edinburgh on Causewayside is the first halls of residence in the capital to have received the badge of honour. The company behind the accreditation believe that it will help those who live a quieter lifestyle enjoy their time as a student more.

Mystudenthalls.com founder Dan Roberts said, “In the last few years, we’ve seen a huge shift in student culture.

“It’s not about providing entirely quiet student halls - that would be unrealistic. It’s about a clear support of quieter lifestyles and living spaces.”