Housing charity is bringing its road show to Edinburgh

Cohousing Scotland is bringing its highly successful homes roadshow to Edinburgh, arriving in the capital next week.

The charity represents community-led and co-operative housing and its ambition is to help create the choice of inclusive, sustainable housing, that responds to the needs of local communities and puts decision making back in their hands.

Cohousing Scotland is involved in the ‘Places Called Home initiative’ which is funded by IKEA and The National Lottery Community Fund.

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The number of homeless people in Edinburgh has soared during the pandemic, placing more pressure on the city council.

'Imagine If', a collective of young architects, have explored what ‘home’ means and what our living spaces could look like in the future

In addition, soaring rents and property purchases prices make it hard for many to get their foot on the property ladder, exacerbating the problem.

Places Called Home explores the idea that communities can become as important to us as our homes. It aims to inspire and help people get more involved in their local community as a positive, homely place to be and meet other people.

Cohousing projects are member driven and create a great sense of community within them, as residents look out for each other, enjoy shared common spaces but have separate, self contained homes.

The roadshow, launched in Kirkwall, Orkney, last month, will be brought to venues including Glasgow and Inverkeithing in Fife throughout June. It arrives in Edinburgh on June 15.

Each of the events will follow largely the same itinerary: An afternoon drop-in session, for information about wider housing issues, followed by an evening panel discussion featuring expert panellists. Followed by a team of young architects from the 'Imagine If' collective hosting an interactive game session, exploring what ‘home’ means and what our living spaces could look like in the future.

The roadshows aim to raise awareness on the idea of co-housing and the benefits it could have on the future of housing in Scotland.

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Cohousing Scotland convener, Andrew Prendergast said: "We want more people in Scotland to know about Cohousing and all it has to offer. Currently, housing provision centres on the commercial developer-led private sector, on the one hand, and state-led social provision on the other. We believe it is time to look to new and innovative ways to solve our country’s housing crisis.”