This is how to get your hands on a slush puppie machine

If you grew up drinking slush puppies, listen up - you can now buy your very own slush puppy machine.

Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 3:29 pm
Now's your chance to get freshly made slush puppies at home (Photo: Amazon)

Get ready to throw the ultimate BBQ bash, with temperatures set to soar, with this retro slushy drinks making machine.

Where to buy it?

Amazon is selling the original machine for £49.99 with free delivery.

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Now's your chance to get freshly made slush puppies at home (Photo: Amazon)

The product description states: “This Slush Puppie making machine is ideal for making ice-cold slushy ice drinks in your own home.”

“Easy and fun to use, simply add your drinks syrup, turn the machine on and then pour out your wonderfully chilled slushy beverage.”

You’ll need to purchase your syrups separately - you can get 500ml Slush Puppie Blue Raspberry and Cherry Syrup on Amazon, but that will set you back a further £14.99.

Alternatively you could opt for the bundle that includes the machine and two syrups for £57.99, which will give you a saving of £6.99.

How to use it?

The machine does come with instructions, but the Amazon description also allows prospective buyers to check out how to run the machine.

The steps are as follows:

- Start the machine by turning on the power

- Fill the central ice canister halfway with ice

- Pour two inlet caps of salt into the central ice canister

- Pour 40ml of water into the central ice canister

- Top up the central ice canister with ice - it should remain 3cm below the top

- Pour a further three inlet caps of salt into the central ice canister

- Screw the inlet cap securely on the canister

- Add syrup via the syrup inlet

- Leave for 15-25 minutes until there are ridges in the mix - you should add more salt and ice as the level drops

- Serve up your Slush Puppies

The reviews

The Amazon reviews on the Slush Puppie machine are quite mixed.

One reviewer left the product four stars and wrote: “I always wanted one of these as a child so when my son put one on his Xmas list I couldn't resist. It takes about 25 mins to get the slush ready to drink and it's quite noisy. Also depending on cup size you would probably only keep a max of 4 kids happy as it doesn't have a huge tank. Having said that my son was thrilled and the slush is great.”

However another buyer wasn’t quite as impressed: “Complete waste of money. Not fit for purpose. Noise is unbearable & motor not strong enough to cope with the ice buildup.”