The average person in Edinburgh can afford only 15% of properties currently for sale in the capital

Affording a property in the current climate can be difficult.Affording a property in the current climate can be difficult.
Affording a property in the current climate can be difficult.
New research has revealed that the City of Edinburgh is the least affordable local authority area in Scotland for buying property.

Property experts Online Mortgage Advisor looked at all of the properties for sale right now on Zoopla to find out what percentage of these properties the average person is able to afford in their local authority based on average wages and deposits and current mortgage rates affected by Covid-19.

And it found that a single resident in the City of Edinburgh can only afford 15% of properties on the market in the area, while a couple would be able to afford 63.7% in the same area, making Edinburgh the least affordable location in Scotland for both couples and single locals to buy property in the current climate.

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The Lothians fared little better with East Lothian (24.0%), Midlothian (24.4%), and West Lothian (36.2%), next in the list of least affordable areas.

Nationally, of all the properties for sale in Scotland, single residents can afford 54.9% of them, while couples can afford 85.5%.

A local authority had to have a minimum of 100 properties currently listed for sale in order to be included in the report’s final rankings.

Single Buyer

Location % of Affordable properties
City of Edinburgh 15.0%
East Lothian 24.0%
Midlothian 24.4%
West Lothian 36.2%
Perth and Kinross 44.1%
Highland 47.5%
Fife 50.0%
Scottish Borders 51.6%
Glasgow City 53.1%
Aberdeenshire 55.1%
Argyll and Bute 55.9%
South Lanarkshire 57.8%
North Ayrshire 58.2%
East Dunbartonshire 58.9%
Angus 60.5%
Dumfries and Galloway 61.0%
Renfrewshire 61.4%
Moray 63.5%
North Lanarkshire 66.4%
South Ayrshire 67.0%
Clackmannanshire 67.9%
East Renfrewshire 68.7%
East Ayrshire 70.1%
Inverclyde 75.9%
West Dunbartonshire 77.5%


Location % of Affordable properties
City of Edinburgh 63.7%
Midlothian 66.0%
East Lothian 66.5%
Scottish Borders 77.2%
West Lothian 78.0%
Argyll and Bute 81.4%
Highland 81.7%
Perth and Kinross 82.4%
Dumfries and Galloway 84.6%
South Lanarkshire 86.4%
Angus 86.9%
Aberdeenshire 87.3%
Fife 89.4%
Moray 89.4%
East Dunbartonshire 89.7%
Clackmannanshire 90.6%
South Ayrshire 90.9%
North Ayrshire 91.2%
Inverclyde 92.8%
East Renfrewshire 93.0%
West Dunbartonshire 93.0%
Renfrewshire 93.5%
East Ayrshire 97.4%
North Lanarkshire 97.8%
Glasgow City 99.1%