How many ducks are in the picture? How to solve the latest social media puzzle on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter

People in lockdown across the UK have been kept entertained over the past few weeks with several social media trends appearing online

By Helen Johnson
Wednesday, 6th May 2020, 10:23 am

From the ‘30 Day Song Challenge’ to the ‘Can you see the cat?’ puzzle, fun social media trends have been doing the rounds and now the latest one to pop up is the ‘How many ducks in the picture’ challenge.

Here’s what you need to know - and how to solve the picture riddle.

‘How many ducks in the picture’ is a new riddle that’s trending on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp as well as other social media channels.

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How many ducks can you see? (Photo: GadgetGrasp)

The tricky puzzle asks you to look at a picture of ducks and you have to figure out how many of them appear in the image.

But how many ducks are there?

At first glance, there appear to be nine ducks in the picture, but on closer inspection there are more hiding.

If you look very carefully, you can spot five ducks in the first row, six in the second row and five in the final row.

In total, you should be able to see 16 ducks in the picture (Photo: GadgetGrasp)

So, in total, you should be able to see 16 ducks in the picture.

There are some small ducks in the picture, but it might be difficult to notice them when you first take a look at the image.

Another image also clearly points out where these “hidden” ducks are located. If you can’t spot all the ducks yourself, you can take a look at the second image to find the remaining ones.

What other optical illusion challenges can I find online?

If the duck challenge was too easy for you, there are a number of other social media optical illusion challenges you can check out. Here are a few:

-Can you see the cat? The challenge comes from a cartoon picture of a woman holding a broom.

She’s standing in front of a brick wall, a door and a curtain, with a mop bucket beside her.

Instagram and Twitter users posted the picture, asking the question: “Can you see the cat?”

Some people said it was too easy to spot the cat, while others complained it was too hard.

- The black and blue or white and gold dress? This illusion took social media by storm, with people arguing whether a picture of a dress was actually black and blue, or white and gold. Those who saw it one way couldn’t imagine seeing a different colour. A variety of factors such as lighting, phone/computer screen display, brains interpretation and type of sight can be behind the reason why people see a different colour to others

- Laurel or Yanny? This audio clip similarly divided the nation when some people said they heard a voice saying ‘Laurel’ and others insisted the clip was saying ‘Yanny’

- Swinging forwards or backwards? Posted to social media app Tik Tok, a video of someone on a swing sparked massive debate on which way he was facing - was he swinging towards the camera or away from the camera?

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