Best Petrol Prices Near Me: Edinburgh's cheapest petrol and fuel today from Costco, Tesco and Morrisons

Here is a guide to the cheapest places to buy petrol in Edinburgh, as drivers are hit with another increase in fuel prices.

The average cost of filling a typical 55-litre family car has now surpassed £100, and one petrol station in Broxburn is already charging almost £2 per litre.

For motorists who want to avoid paying extortionate prices to fill up their cars, the Evening News have found the cheapest places to buy petrol and fuel in Edinburgh today.

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The Costco petrol station in Loanhead is currently the cheapest place to buy petrol in Edinburgh, according to Unleaded is on sale for 170.7p a litre at the station.

The Tesco in Colinton and the Tesco Extra in Corstorphine are also good options if you’re on a budget, as they were selling Unleaded for 174.9p a litre yesterday.

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The third cheapest price can be found at the Morrisons in Moredun, where you can purchase Unleaded for 175.9p a litre.

The Asda in Chesser was selling Unleaded for 176.7p a litre yesterday, while it cost slightly more – 178.7p a litre – at the Asda petrol stations in Leith and Straiton.

The cheapest petrol stations for fuel in Edinburgh have been revealed.

Motorists wanting a good deal should avoid the Shell Fairfield Service Station in Broxburn, which was charging 196.9p for a litre of Unleaded as of Thursday.

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While it is possible to shop around for a better price, drivers will likely continue to see an increase in what they are paying for fuel .

Last Tuesday, the largest daily jump in petrol prices for 17 years was recorded.

The average cost of filling up a typical family car has exceeded 100 pounds for the first time in Britain. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)