Charlie Miller's new salon in Edinburgh gives us an autumn hair makeover

We try their new conditioning treatment
Charlie MillerCharlie Miller
Charlie Miller

My hair has been somewhat neglected over the summer.

I left it to do its own thing, and now my face is framed by a halo of grey roots, there’s a spray of split ends and the colour is patchy, thanks to a few months of using home dye boxes. I resemble the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.

Mercifully, help is on its way from Edinburgh’s Charlie Miller salons, who have just started offering new Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatments. This consists of a custom made mix of concentrate and booster, to address any hair concerns - of which I have many.

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I’m visiting the 10-month-old branch, in Stockbridge. Although they have five throughout the capital, I think this one might be my favourite, since the space is huge at 2500 square feet, and open plan. If you’re going to be there for a while, there is lots of people-watching potential. And pups, as it’s a dog-friendly salon. I watch someone get a whole new look with a lhasa apso curled in their lap.

I’m going to get a cut from senior stylist Rachel. First, she takes me to the sink and my hair is treated with the new products. It’s not a lengthy process. They’re spritzed on once your hair is wet, and they go for the combination of a Concentrate Chroma Absolu, to repair coloured hair, teamed with a Booster Anti-Frizz. It’s left on briefly, while you get a head massage, then shampooed out, using Charlie Miller’s own Hydrate Shampoo.

Once I’m back in my seat, Rachel sets to work with the scissors. I don’t want a dramatic change, but I have asked for the weight to be taken out of my heavy mushroom-like mane. She delivers, by expertly cutting and thinning my hair, and removing strands without leaving visible layers. I am impressed, and she blow-dries it straight, then adds a wave. The Kerastase treatment leaves my hair feeling silky and slippery, instead of something akin to frayed rope, and they say that it can last up to seven washes.

Since I’m strapped for time, I get my patch test, then return a week later, for the colour element of this makeover, and stylist Nicole suggests a shade of mocha. She paints this on, and leaves a lot of my natural shades underneath, so it doesn’t look too blocky. The result is so glossy - like an autumn conker.

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I have washed summer right out of my hair and sent it on its way.

Fusio-Dose treatments from £19; cuts from £45 and tint from £66 Charlie Miller, 118 Raeburn Place, Edinburgh (0131 332 4040,

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