These are the best and worst hotel chains in Britain according to customers

A survey by Which? has ranked the best and worst hotel chains in the UK, with the worst being labelled 'filthy' and 'dreadful'.

Britannia has been rated the worst hotel chain by customers for the seventh year running, while Premier Inn and Wetherspoon hotels topped the poll. 8,000 customers rated more than 40 different hotel chains on issues like cleanliness, customer service and value for money. The chains were given a percentage for overall performance. In some of the worst cases at Britannia Hotels, stains not visible to the naked eye showed up on bed sheets and in bathtubs under UV light. Which? Travel’s Rory Boland said: “There really is no excuse for the grubby bathtubs and filthy rooms that we have seen year after year with Britannia, so it is best to avoid them.” These are the top 5 best and worst rated hotel chains.