Here are Scotland's most popular tourist destinations according to TripAdvisor travellers

Four Scottish landmarks have made the UK top ten including two in Edinburgh.

Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 5:00 pm
Edinburgh Castle made the UK top ten.

Taken from new traveller booking data from TripAdvisor, the list charts world attractions and UK hotspots. Rome’s Colosseum took the top spot for the second consecutive year worldwide, whereas closer to home the Tower of London came in at No.1.


Scottish attractions continue to be popular with four appearances in the UK’s top ten.  Edinburgh’s Royal Mile came in at 5th place,  Loch Ness is 6th, Edinburgh Castle 7th and Stirling Castle 9th.

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“Iconic and historic sites from around the world will always be popular destinations for travellers, but they’re popular for a reason,” said Laurel Greatrix, a TripAdvisor spokesperson.


“These are some of the most historic and memorable sites in the world. Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, there are plenty of interesting ways to see these sites, like an underground tour of the Colosseum, a family treasure hunt at the Louvre, or even a prime view of the Pope’s weekly address.


Here are TripAdvisor’s most booked attractions in the UK for 2019, and what the team has to say about them:


Tower of London, London

Topping this year’s list is one of London’s most iconic landmarks. The historic Tower houses the Crown Jewels, the prison cell of Sir Walter Raleigh, known as the Bloody Tower, and the Chapel of St. John and the Royal Armories. Book a Tower of London Entrance Ticket which includes a tour of the Crown Jewels and gives you faster entrance to the iconic attraction.


Stonehenge, Amesbury

One of the most important survivals of prehistoric England, the UNESCO listed Stonehenge consists of a group of huge rough-cut stones, some more than 20 feet high, arranged in two concentric circles. Book a standard ticket, or why not make a day of it and try this Inner Circle Access pass which allows you to walk inside Stonehenge (an exclusive experience available only to your group), as well as visiting Bath and a 14th Century pub in the medieval village of Lacock. 


Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills

Northern Ireland's most popular tourist destination: this large stretch of staircase-shaped rocks is the result of cooled lava from volcanic eruptions that took place over 65 million years ago. Book a Giant’s Causeway Day Trip from Belfast which will take you on a guided tour to Old Bushmills Distillery, Giants Causeway, and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge all in one day. Or for the many Game of Thrones fans why not go on this tour to the filming locations


Coca-Cola London Eye, London

A captivating ‘must-do’ attraction when in London offering travellers unparalleled views across the capital and up to 40km out of the city to Windsor Castle on a clear day. Come face to face with the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, before soaring above them - up to 135 metres on the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel. Book a Fast-Track ticket to bypass the long queue and enjoy priority access and boarding. 


Royal Mile, Edinburgh

This impressive stretch of road connecting Edinburgh Castle with Holyrood Palace, the Queen's residence in Scotland is more than just a pretty walk - the area is full of rich history and stories, so why not delve deeper into the past on the Royal Mile Guided Walking Tour?


Loch Ness, Highlands

The infamous Loch Ness has led many people to believe that this brooding lake in Northern Scotland, 21 square miles in size at an average depth of 800 feet, could certainly hide a large dinosaur-like "monster”, so why not find out for yourself? 


Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle is a world-famous Scottish icon and part of both the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site. A must-visit for travellers to the city, Edinburgh Castle houses the Honours (Crown Jewels) of Scotland, the Stone of Destiny, the famous 15th century gun Mons Meg, the One O' Clock Gun and the National War Museum of Scotland.


Buckingham Palace, London

Immerse yourself in the wonder of the royal family’s rich history at Buckingham Palace, recognised around the world as the focus of national and royal celebrations as well as the backdrop to the regular Changing the Guard ceremony.


Stirling Castle, Stirling

Dominating the skyline for miles around, the impressive Stirling Castle is a shining example of Renaissance architecture. Visitors can book a standard ticket to look out from its high stone walls to the battlefields of Stirling Bridge where great medieval armies clashed to decide the fate of nations. Home to generations of Scottish monarchs including, Mary Queen of Scots, the Castle is an enduring and powerful reminder of their fascinating history. 


St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

Rebuilt by Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of 1666, St. Paul's has been the site  of many historic state occasions; including Sir Winston Churchill's state funeral and the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. St Paul’s welcomes visitors to access five levels of the Cathedral including the Whispering Gallery with its unique acoustics and the Stone and Golden Galleries atop the Dome offering breathtaking panoramic views over London.