90-year-old gran heads for exclusive date aboard Britannia

DESCRIBING her granny in just 200 words was a difficult task for Suzanne Landell.
Suzanne Landells and her grandmother, Betty.

Picture: Ian GeorgesonSuzanne Landells and her grandmother, Betty.

Picture: Ian Georgeson
Suzanne Landells and her grandmother, Betty. Picture: Ian Georgeson

But after days of thought, and hours of putting pen to paper, the 25-year-old primary school teacher came up with a poem that would earn her relative the memory of a lifetime.

After hearing that the Royal Yacht Britannia was looking for a 90-year-old to be treated like a queen for the day, Suzanne immediately thought of her grandmother, Betty.

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However, when she discovered the entry requirements only allowed her to write a maximum of 200 words on why her grandmother deserved the treat – which is being offered to mark Her Majesty’s birthday – Suzanne knew she had to come up with something captivating.

“My gran has been a fan of the Queen for as long as I can remember,” said Suzanne from Bonnyrigg.

“Every year on Christmas Day we all have to sit in silence when the Queen’s Speech comes on the television at 3pm.

“In general, if there’s anything on the television to do with royalty, my granny will definitely be watching it.

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“When I heard about the competition, I just had to apply for her, but I really didn’t expect to win.”

Suzanne, who teaches at Gorebridge Primary School, came up with the idea of writing a poem after she struggled to describe her gran in just 200 words.

She said: “I often write poems for my pupils at school so I thought this was the perfect way to describe my gran as a person, as well as squeezing bits and bobs in about her life.

“Describing her in just 200 words is such a difficult task as she is just the perfect little granny.

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“She is so pleased to have won but I think she’s quite nervous at the same time.”

Great-grandmother Betty, who lives in Dalkeith with her husband, Alex, 88, turned 90 on May 11 this year and 
celebrated the milestone with her family.

When she goes on board the Royal Yacht Britannia later this week – after being driven to the port in a limo – Betty will be treated to a champagne lunch with Suzanne.

She will also be given a private tour of the yacht, as well as the chance to walk on the red carpet.

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Suzanne added: “My granny is doing amazing considering she is 90 and I know she will love this experience.

“We are very close and we enjoy going for afternoon tea together and having a blether.

“She is very family orientated and her and my papa are like two peas in a pod.

“She’s considering even going to get her hair done before she goes on to the yacht.”

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Lynda Dalgleish, head of marketing for The Royal Yacht Britannia, said: “We’re all looking forward to welcoming the deserving winner, Betty, and her granddaughter, Suzanne, who nominated her granny for a special day out on Britannia. As Her Majesty the Queen’s former floating palace, the Royal Yacht is famous for making sure that every guest enjoys the best possible experience on board, as they would have, while the yacht was in service to the Queen and royal family.

“Our aim is to make sure Betty and Suzanne have a royal day out to remember forever.”