A-list style: get advice from celebrity stylists in Edinburgh next month

Picture: the Life & Style weekender starts this weekendPicture: the Life & Style weekender starts this weekend
Picture: the Life & Style weekender starts this weekend

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The style seekers of Edinburgh are set to enjoy an A-list experience unlike any other, as VIP beauty and fashion experts with clients including Victoria Beckham, Madonna and Meghan Markle descend on the Capital, as part of the 2018 Life & Style weekender

Award-winning celebrity hairdresser Jason Collier, who tends to the tresses of superstar style icons Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Laura Whitmore and Sienna Miller, along with facialist Charlotte Connoley, whose clients include Meghan Markle, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Cheryl, will take to the Lifestyle Stage at the event, to share their expert advice with the image-conscious of Scotland, to ensure they always look and feel their best.

Before the Life & Style weekender kicks off this weekend, we chat to Jason and Charlotte and find out their top tips for looking and feeling great.

Q&A with Jason Collier

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Picture: Charlotte Connoley, suppliedPicture: Charlotte Connoley, supplied
Picture: Charlotte Connoley, supplied

Hairstylist to the stars Jason Collier shares with us his expertise on having gorgeous, glossy locks worthy of the A-list on a daily basis. Catch Jason in person at his exclusive Hair Masterclass at the Life & Style event on May 5/6 in Edinburgh.

What does great hair look like to you?

As a stylist, I always look at the condition of hair – great hair should look strong and shiny; if there’s dry, split ends or lots of breakage, hair doesn’t look healthy. The trend at the moment is for loose, undone hair that looks expensive and effortlessly gorgeous, but the trick here is that this kind of ‘natural beauty’ actually takes a lot of styling, care and prep.

What kind of prep are we talking?

Picture: Charlotte Connoley, suppliedPicture: Charlotte Connoley, supplied
Picture: Charlotte Connoley, supplied

I like to look at it as a step above your regular routine, nothing too daunting, but taking that extra level of care to achieve beautifully shiny, healthy hair. It’s all about using the right products and assessing what it is your hair actually needs, instead of buying into the latest fad. As a general rule, hair needs gentle cleansing, a regular scalp massage and the right kind of conditioner for your hair type, but most of us can benefit from a weekly deep-conditioning masque to keep those ends healthy and hydrated.

How do we cheat great hair?

It’s all in the prep! People often want to have that ‘I woke up like this’, bedhead style with a luxe finish – but the way to get this hair is actually to wake up like it. Wash your hair in the evening, spritz in a volumising spray and then blast hair totally dry. Plait it tightly before bed, tucking loose strands behind the ears to create a bend. Then in the morning, simply unravel the braid and separate the waves, using a small amount of texturising product to create a beachy, boho finish. If any areas aren’t quite right, you can easily create some loose curls with a wide-barrelled tong to sit amongst the waves. Finish with some shine spray and set with hairspray, for an easy everyday style that’s runway-ready!

What’s your must-have product for glossy, gorgeous hair?

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A hydrating shine spray is a must for me and my clients love it too. My particular favourite right now is Moroccanoil’s Glimmer Shine Spray, which protects and nourishes hair, but also leaves it with an incredible luminous shine.

What can we expect from your masterclass at Life & Style?

I’ll be hosting two exclusive masterclasses at Life & Style, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, both at 2pm on the Lifestyle Stage. There, I’ll be demonstrating to the audience three ways to take your hair from desk to dancefloor, creating beautiful looks that work for days in the office but can easily be adapted for parties, weddings and special occasions. I’ll be sharing my insider advice and expert tips to help make hairstyling easy and fun, whatever the occasion.

Q&A with Charlotte Connoley

Former supermodel and now facialist to the stars, Charlotte Connoley, shares with us her top tips for achieving beautiful skin everyday. Loved by the likes of Meghan Markle and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Charlotte knows what it takes to get the glow.

What does great skin look like to you?

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For me, skin looks its best when it’s glowing with health and when it looks like it’s being well cared-for. Fresh and hydrated, with a natural flush of colour, always looks beautiful. I don’t believe that skincare can turn back time, but great products and a regular, effective skincare regime can ensure that we look the best for our age.

What kind of steps should we be taking?

A twice-daily skincare regime is a must for me, to make sure that skin is at its best. Morning and evening, I double cleanse and then apply a facial serum or oil. I am a firm believer in facial massage and spend around ten minutes massaging in a serum, really working it into the skin and taking my time to make sure it’s absorbed. I practice lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce any puffiness, and I regularly have the signature Joss Beauty ‘Inner Facial’ to sculpt the face. I also wear SPF every day and always tell my clients to do the same.

What’s your top tip for a gorgeous spring glow?

A fake tan is the best way to look radiant and glowing – I always advocate fake tan over sunbathing to keep skin healthy. I recommend using a mousse and a mitt, sweeping upwards and over the body, buffing in carefully create a beautiful bronzed effect with no lines or streaks.

What’s your must-have product?

A good facial oil is the best product I can recommend. Oils penetrate the skin in a way that moisturising creams just can’t, so I always use a serum or oil and really massage it into the skin for maximum hydration and a natural glow.

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What can we expect from your masterclass at Life & Style?

I’ll be demonstrating my facial skincare routine, including advice on how to apply certain products, and a live demo of my facial massage routine. I’ll be sharing the insider advice that my celebrity clients love, and showing the audience how to care for their skin properly to ensure that it always looks its best. Catch me at 3pm on Saturday and Sunday on the Lifestyle Stage.

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Edinburgh Life & Style will be from 10am-6pm on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 May 2018, with doors opening from 9.30am.

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