Adventurer fears injuries will wreck wedding pics

A HEROIC adventurer who became the youngest Briton to complete a solo Antarctic trek is worried his wedding photographs could be ruined by his frost bitten nose topped off with a lump of Aloe vera.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 30th January 2016, 12:22 pm
Updated Saturday, 30th January 2016, 12:32 pm
Luke Robertson at the South Pole after his trek across Antarctica. Picture: comp
Luke Robertson at the South Pole after his trek across Antarctica. Picture: comp

Edinburgh finance worker Luke Robertson, 30, returned home earlier this month from his mammoth 730 mile journey across Antartica – and he couldn’t wait to see his devoted fiancée, Hazel Clyne.

But now he is concerned frost bite – which has left his nose black, and at times green, due to the healing Aloe Vera – will wreck his wedding snaps.

“I’ve got the worst frostbite on the middle finger and nose – it’s quite apparnet watching the reaction when people are trying to figure out what’s wrong with my nose.

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“It’s black frost bite and then it’s green also from the Aloe Vera I have been putting on it.

“Hopefully it will clear up in time for the wedding photographs.”

Though he battled thousands of miles in -50C temperatures, it is clear thoughts of the August 20 wedding and his Hazel were never far from his mind. The groom-to-be, nicknamed Luke Snow-walker, described Hazel as his “rock”, praising her unstinting moral and practical support.

Luke, from Morningside, braved 100mph winds as he hauled equipment across 730 miles of ice and snow to raise £55,000 for the Marie Curie cancer charity.

Throughout the endurance, Hazel was on his mind. He said: “She was an absolute rock even before I took part.

“Hazel took part in all the endurance events, putting up with weeks of no contact on training trips to places like Greenland and Norway. She also led the social media side of the fundraising campaign.

“The trip would have been nowhere near as successful if it wasn’t for her.”

During his expedition, Luke was only able to contact his childhood sweetheart for very short periods on his satellite phone after the battery on his solar panels failed.

The pair, who met at school when they were 15, are due to be married on August 20 on Luke’s family farm in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire. Luke is now recovering from his exhausting ordeal which has left him with frostbite to his nose, chin and fingers – injuries he hopes will clear up ahead of the big day.

He said: “The NHS have been looking after me and I have been to the doctors every day.

“Almost 30 consecutive marathons in those conditions really takes its toll on your body. I have been sleeping a lot more than I’m used to.

“The memories will outlast physical injuries. It’s humbling and overwhelming to see the donations and messages. Antarctica is the most majestic, unique and awe-inspiring place I’ve ever visited.”