Angling: A struggle in the snow

DESPITE the arctic conditions the fish were very active and were taking on a variety of methods.

I started on the far bank where a couple of spaces appeared on the now very busy fishery. I opted for a floating line and a single lure. After five minutes or so the ferules started freezing up and it became difficult to cast. As the snow hit the water the fish were coming up and snapping at the flakes.

A quick change to a mini yellow dancer and I started to get offers but could not get a solid lock-on. Not til I started casting out and leaving it on the hang did the fun begin. I managed to get two in quick succession 
before it went quiet and a change of tactics was in order.

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Before the cold finally got to me I wanted to try the Buzzer under the bung and a change of platform. Fishing on the point of the peninsula I cast out and let the cast come round on the ripple.

The indicator suddenly disappeared and, as I tightened into what felt a sizeable fish, it took off at some speed.

Not giving it enough respect I tried to bully it in, which was a big mistake. 
Seconds later my line shot back like a spring and it was gone taking my Buzzer and sight 
indicator. I duly called it a day.

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