Angling: Feisty fish put up a scrap

It was a cold and blustery Rosslynlee fishery when I visited and the water was very cloudy, writes STUART FRASER.

It is hardly surprising considering the amount of rain we have had lately. The wind was blowing right down the water on to the dam wall but, to my surprise, the fish were up in the water despite the chill.

Crossing over to the far bank I had a three-fly cast of two Crunchers and a Fab on the point to keep them up. Punching a line out as the wind eased I watched with interest as the flies were being carried around on the air.

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It was a good half-hour before I got any interest as the line shot out then stopped but as I tightened into it I knew it was gone and recast into the same area. However, this time I was a little more vigilant and as it swung round in the wind the line straightened and I was in. What a great scrap the fish put up as it buried its head down and raced for open water. Eventually it came to the net and what I fine fish it looked with full fin and tail.

A space appeared up on the point where the burn runs in so I duly made my way to it where I could get a good full cast and could cover a wider area.

The wind was gusting now and it was difficult to keep an eye on the flies and I had to keep in touch with the line and feel for any tell-tail signs.

Luckily I managed to connect into another good fish slightly bigger at 4lb and it put up just as good a scrap and my rod was completely bent over as I tried to restrain it. Eventually it came to the net and that was to be my last action of the session.

As the saying goes: you can choose the days but not the weather. And, to use another famous quote: I’ll be back!

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