Baby gannet rescued from Bass Rock following storm

A FOUR-week old gannet chick -- like a ball of feathers -- has been rescued off the iconic Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth after becoming separated from his parents following a sudden storm.

A four week old chick has been rescued on Bass Rock
A four week old chick has been rescued on Bass Rock

The young chick is now being cared for at the National Wilfdlife Rescue Centre in Clackmannanshire

Staff at the SSPCA-run facility have nicknamed the “ball of fluff” Boat since he arrived following the bad weather in August.

Centre Manager Colin Seddon said today: “We find that when there’s high winds gannet chicks can get caught up and dumped in the sea and that’s when they get into trouble because they aren’t able to fend for themselves.”

He added: “Little Boat has been feeding well and is currently being cared for by the expert team in our seal/waterbird unit.


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“We’ll care for him for a few more months and, when he’s able to fly, we’ll release him back into the wild.”

The distinctive rocky outcrop of Bass Rock, off the coast near North Berwick, is the world’s largest gannet colony - with St Kilda in second place.

Every year the Rock turns brilliant white with the sheer number of gannets crammed onto it and not, as some people think, with their guano.

First records of gannets on the Bass Rock date back to the 15th century.