Bound for Glory: US neo-Nazi metal band heading for Edinburgh

HUNDREDS of neo-Nazis are set to descend on the Capital later this year for a secret gig.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 18th January 2016, 10:02 am
Updated Monday, 18th January 2016, 11:06 am
Neo-Nazi US rock band Bound for Glory
Neo-Nazi US rock band Bound for Glory

American thrash metal band Bound for Glory – one of the oldest and best-known groups on the Nazi music scene – have been linked to a concert expected to take place in Edinburgh on October 22.

And campaigners have warned that if the gig goes ahead, it could see as many as 700 neo-Nazis flock to the city from as far afield as Germany.

It is not yet known where the concert will take place, but a poster for the event temporarily released on Facebook shows tickets being sold in advance for £30.

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Anti-fascist activists said it was “standard practice” for the gig’s location to be kept secret, in order to prevent the concert being shut down by protesters, or even the venue owners – who often have no idea as to the true nature of the concert they have booked.

Far-right punters are instead given somewhere they can meet, such as a nearby pub, before heading to the event.

Nick Lowles, director of Hope Not Hate – the campaign group who uncovered the upcoming gig – said it would be the biggest neo-Nazi music gathering to ever take place in Scotland.

He said: “Bound for Glory are probably the biggest US Nazi band. Their lyrics and song titles have a close association with Hitler’s Nazis.

“The idea that there would be 600-700 Nazis in Edinburgh should be a concern. I certainly think there’s a real law and order problem, because the vast majority of people are going to be coming in from outside the area, so they are going to be staying in hotels and hostels.

“Before and after the gig, they will be drinking and fuelled up. I think there’s a severe risk of people being attacked.

“It will be the biggest [Nazi] gig in Britain for quite some time, and certainly in Scotland. It’s for the authorities to decide if they want that to happen.

“Part of the reason we blew the whistle on this so early was [to allow] the authorities to stop the band coming into the UK.

“I think the sooner that decision is made, you’re not going to get hundreds of people coming in from Germany and England for a gig. I really think Edinburgh could do without Nazis coming into the city.

“As soon as the venue is confirmed, we would urge Edinburgh council to put whatever pressure they can on the venue to stop the gig.”

Minnesota-based Bound for Glory were formed in 1989 and boast songs with titles such as Behold the Iron Cross, Back in the Fatherland and The Iron Eagle Flies Again.

The group’s original vocalist, Erik Banks, was shot and killed in 1993 in Portland, Oregon.

The poster for their first ever Scottish gig shows they will be supported by Endstufe, a German ultra-right rock band from Bremen, among others.

Police said they were not aware of the upcoming concert.

A council spokesman said: “We are unaware of this but will liaise with Police Scotland.”