Bross Bagels to soon offer Ben & Jerry's flavoured bagels

The B&J bagels are coming to the Capital.The B&J bagels are coming to the Capital.
The B&J bagels are coming to the Capital.
Bross Bagels have struck up a deal to sell Ben & Jerry's flavoured bagels as part of a new partnership.

The move is to celebrate 40 years of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with Bross being selected to their similar outlook and marketing.

Ben and Jerry’s also wanted to get into the bagel business when they first started, so the partnership with Bross brings the company full circle on their 40th birthday.

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Although the bagels will not be available as of yet in their Leith or Portobello store, Bross fans who can’t get enough of the famous ice cream can expect the bagels in the Capital at some point in the near future.

There will be two offerings, one a pink bagel filled with birthday vanilla ice cream, and a pretzel bagel, filled with salter caramel ice cream.

Bross have said that their bagels will be slightly smaller to fit the ice cream.

The bagels are currently on sale in the Soho store in London only.

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