Burness Paull offers fresh advice for high-growth companies seeking funding

The pandemic has spurred the growth of numerous tech sectors that were already seeing promising returns before the world went into lockdown.

As the world adapted to running their lives from their living rooms, tech firms raced to facilitate millions of people working and learning from home.

The ubiquitous Zoom became a household name and connected colleagues, friends and family at a time when disconnection from the outside world was a considerable threat to our mental wellbeing. Zoom sales saw growth of 326% during 2020.

Closer to home, Scottish tech companies have seen impressive growth too. Peer-to-peer fintech lending platform, Learning Crowd, saw 779% growth in 2020, while resource planning software company Dayshape gre 1,539%. The performance of both firms earned them spots on the Deloitte Fast 50 table.

Paull Scullion, Partner in Corporate Finance, Burness Paull

Down the line, firms experiencing spectacular growth might run into problems when seeking funding for future ventures. With bank funding often being taken off the table, the best options for funding success are equity investment and recruiting third party investors.

Paul Scullion, Partner in Corporate Finance at Burness Paull, says: "Ultimately it goes without saying that the biggest challenge is to find something that investors feel they can get on board with."

"At Burness Paull, we're very active in the fundraising space so in addition to being able to execute the legal work for you we can get you in front of the people that you need to be in front of - investors."

Burness Paull is an experienced source of funding advice for high-growth companies. To find out more about tech sector growth during the global pandemic and the pros and cons of different funding routes, watch the video above.