Call for Lamont to speak out on railways

EDINBURGH Pentlands SNP MSP Gordon MacDonald has called on Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont to spell out her party’s position on Nationalist calls for greater powers over Scotland’s railways.

The Scottish Parliament can already modify fares and specify services through the ScotRail franchise but the UK Government has refused to transfer powers which would allow more radical reform of the railways, such as reintegrating track and train companies that were separated during rail 

Mr MacDonald said Ms Lamont’s silence on the issue was “bizarre”. He said: “I’ve no idea whether she’s being muzzled or genuinely has no 
opinions on any of the issues of the day.

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“Whatever the reason she is being kept out of the public eye, surely this is an issue she can end her silence on and back our calls.

“If Johann Lamont does speak up, I would hope she would agree that if the public sector has the potential to deliver a better service on Scotland’s railways then it should be an available 

“Scotland would be far better served with more powers to shape our railways and I would hope that Johann Lamont will end her silence and back our calls.”