Cathy and George celebrate 50 years

EIGHTY friends, family and wellwishers filled Holy Cross church hall in Trinity this week to celebrate a well-loved Easter Drylaw couple’s 50 years of marriage.
Cathy and Georges wedding day. Picture: compCathy and Georges wedding day. Picture: comp
Cathy and Georges wedding day. Picture: comp

Cathy and George Ross were today celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.

George, 69, who grew up in Granton, and Catherine, 68, from Craigmillar, met at the Fountainbridge Palais in April 1964.

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Almost as soon as they met George knew he’d found the right woman and wasted little time – proposing to his future wife on June 27 that year.

And they didn’t wait too long for the wedding either – with the couple married by Reverend Crawford at the Bristo Memorial Church, Craigmillar, on December 5, 1964.

Coming from a family of five siblings, Cathy’s home was always busy and full of greyhounds, thanks to her dad’s passion for racing, and she remembered life in post-war Edinburgh as a warm and loving environment, despite the many inconveniences people had to face.

At age 12, whilst still at school, Cathy worked in the Adelphi Hotel to help her mother make ends meet. By 15, she had a job at Woolworths in Portobello, where she fondly remembers working at the sweetie section.

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And once married, Cathy assumed the role of a hard-working home-maker, taking on duties delivering a good family environment for the couple’s three daughters, Michelle, Julie and Lyndsay.

George was always interested in the sea and after spending time as a cabin boy, he applied to work in fisheries. But a job came up as a painter and decorator and he took it.

After a few years, George went on to spend 18 years maintaining generators at the famous Parsons Peebles plant. Showing incredible dexterity, he then worked in insurance and as a servitor at Edinburgh University.

Cathy says what she enjoys most is making sure the home is well suited for visits from their six 
grandchildren and now also a great-granddaughter who is three years old. George said he would have liked to play golf but following an accident now enjoys good films and documentaries.

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The question of what makes a successful marriage is expected wisdom when interviewing long-standing couples.

“Do what she tells you!,” George jokingly offers, before saying that “patience” is an essential part of any working relationship.

“Of course there are times when we have argued but you should never let it simmer.

“Marriage takes hard work and both husband and wife must have the patience to see the wider picture and appreciate longer-term goals.”

“And, of course, the love has always been there,” says Cathy.

“I’d say we most likely love each other more than ever,” interjects George, to his cherished wife’s agreement.