Charity free and easy in Fringe show

AMNESTY International is marking its 15th year at the Fringe by introducing its biggest entertainment programme.

The charity’s flagship show, Stand Up For Freedom, is hosted by Fred MacAulay and Susan Calman, but also boasts comedians Sara Pascoe, Hannibal Buress, Josie Long, Pappy’s, and David O’Doherty.

It will be held at Venue 150, alongside several other Amnesty shows, on August 15 from 10pm.

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Topical panel show No Pressure To Be Funny, which features Ian Rankin, will discuss the week’s news in front of a live audience alongside comedy songs, monologues and diatribes on August 18 from 3pm.

Programme director Shabnum Mustapha said: “The Edinburgh Festival is infamous for being full of outspoken people, so it is one of the most fitting places in the world to celebrate being able to say, write, sing or mime whatever we like.”

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