Children's Lottery boosts youth group

PEOPLE are sometimes quick to write off today's young generation as ­no-hopers and troublemakers and give them a wide berth.

Edinburgh-based charity Youth Scotland is £20,000 better off
Edinburgh-based charity Youth Scotland is £20,000 better off

Perhaps the actions of some may justify why. But how many look to embrace their energy and vigour, or look to steer them down a better path?

Edinburgh-based Youth Scotland for one. In fact, they support 64,255 young people across more than 1000 youth groups, including 7500 plus youth workers.

It helps with community-based youth work across Scotland with a range of projects, including physical activity, youth leadership, financial awareness and music

The charity also supports youth workers by providing high quality training programmes.

Now it has just been awarded a £20,000 grant from the Scottish Children’s Lottery towards the charity’s Activate, Educate, Enhance project.

Chief Executive Ian McLaughlan said: “Youth Scotland is thrilled that the Scottish Children’s Lottery has chosen to support community-based youth work and our exciting Activate, Educate, Enhance project.

“This project will provide young people with opportunities to develop their leadership and employability skills through physical activity and volunteering in their communities.

“The young people participating are those who would not normally have opportunities like this and we are grateful that this funding will allow us to deliver the project and accredit the young people’s achievements through our Youth Achievement Awards.”


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The Scottish Children’s Lottery was launched in 2016 to raise money for children in Scotland with proceeds helping to improve the lives of children across the country.

Kirsteen Campbell is trustee of Chance to Connect, which operates as a society lottery under the Scottish Children’s Lottery. It supports projects working in community development and citizenship.

She said: “Chance to Connect believes in helping young people in Scotland to develop into citizens who positively contribute to their communities.

“By supporting Youth Scotland we hope to give young people across Scotland the chance to be an active part of their community and to cultivate a real sense of belonging.


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“I am delighted that we are able to provide funding from the monies generated from the Scottish Children’s Lottery which was established in order to promote and support the development and potential of children.”