‘Club should give guidance to young footballers’

A TOP psychologist has urged those critical of Griffiths’ actions to remember high-profile footballers are often just young people vulnerable to attacks on Twitter.

Cary Cooper, a professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University, defended the Hibs striker, saying the onus was on his club to provide the right guidance about the use of online forums.

He said: “I think football players ought to be guided on social media. If someone comes after you – because they’re going to – don’t respond, ignore it, block the person from following you. That’s what they should be told.”

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Griffiths received a flood of support yesterday on Twitter. One user, @stuartmcavoy, posted: “Why don’t you look at the abuse Leigh suffers on twitter every day!!!?”

Prof Cooper said his advice to footie stars would be to kick social media use into row Z.