Comedienne Janey Godley turns Twitter sensation into Fringe show

IT started off as a furious row between two lovers on a train.

Thanks to the keen ears and live-tweeting of a Scottish comedienne, however, it quickly turned into an internet sensation, pulling in more than a million followers.

Now the raging argument is set to take the Fringe by storm, after Janey Godley confirmed she was looking to turn the infamous Twitter stream into a 40-minute one-off show.

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The veteran comic said she had even been approached by stars such as Alan Carr and the Kaiser Chiefs’ Rick Wilson eager to take on roles in the show. And while she said the full details still had to be finalised she was eager to put on what she hoped would be a classic Fringe show.

The idea has spiralled from what started off as an innocent train journey for Ms Godley, who soon found herself listening in to an ongoing domestic row between a couple called Tim and Freya.

The row appeared to stem from suspicion over Tim’s relationship with a woman called Tia and soon deteriorated into a full-blown break-up which saw the couple bicker, switch seats and eventually led Tim to leave the train at Carlisle station, leaving Freya behind forever.

And as she tweeted every word of it her followers started to grow. Newspaper coverage of the debate sparked further interest – and even saw Tim get in touch with Godley to let her know what happened next.

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“I was stunned when he got in touch, and I asked him to email a photo as I thought it might be someone else, but it really was him,” she said.

Now the whole affair is headed for the stage.

“It is still very much a work in progress, and there’s a lot to be sorted out.

“But we’re pulling it together and I’m hoping to put it on for one night towards the end of the Fringe,” she said.

“It’s certainly taken off – Alan Carr wants a role as a trolley dolly on the train, and Ricky Wilson, the lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs, was wanting to play Tim.

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“I’m still not sure if that will be possible, but it would be amazing if it all came together.”

Godley is currently looking for a pair of actors to portray the warring couple, and has spoken to the Pleasance Theatre about providing a venue.

“I think it will be something special, and I’ll be getting the audience to tweet throughout the show,” she said. “I believe it will be the first time a Twitter argument has been turned into a stage play, so the Fringe is the perfect place for it.”

As to suggestions that Tim himself could make an appearance however, Godley admitted there was no chance.

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“There’s no way I’d get them involved – I think I’ve invaded their privacy enough!”


• Couple on train before its even moved have fallen out over “her inability to accept the truth” this will be fun #traintales @VirginTrains

• She just told him “I can accept the truth you are incapable of speaking it NOW WHO the **** is TIA and why did she email you?” #traintales

• He said “Tia isnt working with us anymore she lives in Rome now” she said “lucky ******* her is she a nun then?” and slammed her bag down

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• He hissed “shut up Freya, we never had anything going on it was when we were staying in Bognor remember?” she says “yes Bognor.”

• Freya is on her text and Tim is pretending to ignore her. Tim: “Who are you sending that piece of **** to?” “ur mum” she said #traintales

• Tim just rubbed his eye “stop grooming me Freya” he said. She stared and said “did Tia ‘groom’ you? (she did rabbit fingers) #traintales

• Tim has gone to loo. Freya just called ‘Lisa” on mobile “I hate him Lisa he never explains his emails or texts that I find” #traintales

• Freya is off the phone #traintales

• Tim is back #traintales

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• “now tell me everything about Tia” she hisses and Tim is staring at her I think he is scared #traintales

• She just PLUCKED out one of his eyebrows out in the middle of a conversation with her fingers! #traintales

• Train is moving fine now Freya is gripping Tims hand imploringly #traintales

• “I love you Tim “ says Freya #traintales

• Tim says “I was close to Tia back in 99 before we met” NO TIM don’t tell her! Freya is smiling encouraging him to tell #traintales

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• “Tia and I flat shared in Manchester in late 90s was wild times” Tim smiled wistful. #traintales

• Freya is actually gnashing her jaw how can Tim not see this? “wild how?” she asks #traintales

• “I told you I was in a band at Uni back in late 90s” Tim pleads. Freya snorts “ was it Oasis?” and laughs loudly at Tim

• Tim stupidly explains “we did a few festivals together when I was in the band” Freya laughs “ what BAND? You were in a band?” #traintales

• Tim has got up and walked off Freya is on phone to her pal Lisa “ did you know this ******* was in a band? Me neither” #traintales