Complaints over fashion school pink door rejected

A RENOWNED fashion designer, whose collections have graced the catwalks of London, Paris and Japan, has won a battle with fed-up residents – after they complained about her pink doors.
The fashion school's door is staying pink. Picture: Alexander LawrieThe fashion school's door is staying pink. Picture: Alexander Lawrie
The fashion school's door is staying pink. Picture: Alexander Lawrie

Jacqui Burke, 50, moved her fashion school into a B-listed building last year and wanted to give the business a fresh start by painting the front doors an eye-catching colour.

But angry residents in Dunbar declared war on the fashion school by making complaints to the council, with one describing the striking shade as “absolutely vile”.

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The complainers also claimed Ms Burke had “spoiled” the historic Castellau House, which once housed the town’s library and is situated in a conservation area.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I didn’t complain to the council personally as I am all for new businesses coming into the town, but I feel they have just spoiled what was once a stunning building. Any colour would have done apart from that disgusting bright pink – it is really an eyesore and not a good advert for the town.”

Ms Burke moved her fashion school business into the Old Library building last September and decided to liven up the exterior by revamping the colour scheme.

But now the fashion school owner is celebrating after council chiefs decided not to uphold the complaints against her and are allowing her to keep the new colour.

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“The reason we painted the door pink was because that colour is our brand identity,” she said.

“When we moved in last year the front door was really needing done up as the paint was peeling off, but I did not expect any of this bad feeling for simply painting the entrance in a bright colour.

“On the other hand, I have had so much support from people of all ages who have said the colour really brightens up the area, but I suppose there are always a few who are never happy with what you do.

“I have had lots of communication with East Lothian Council about this and I am delighted sense has prevailed and we are allowed to keep the colour – the last thing I wanted to do was offend anyone.

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“I have been overwhelmed with the public reaction and I can’t thank everyone enough. The building is council-owned and the fashion school is on a six-month pilot, but hopefully these complaints will not affect the final decision to allow us to stay.”

An East Lothian Council spokeswoman said: “East Lothian Council received a complaint about the colour of a door on a building in Dunbar which was formerly the town’s library. We have advised the business owner of this complaint but will not be asking for the colour to be changed.”