Anger after convicted abuser Paul Tansey trains with Whitehill Welfare

Whitehill Welfare’s decision to allow convicted domestic abuser Paul Tansey to train with the club has been condemned by local councillors.

By Kevin Quinn
Friday, 29th July 2022, 2:35 pm

The 37-year-old midfielder was released from his contract at Penicuik Athletic in May after he pleaded guilty to attacking his partner, Celtic women’s footballer Lisa Robertson (30).

Tansey pleaded guilty to a charge of engaging in a course of conduct which was abusive of his partner by monitoring her mobile phone use, uttering offensive remarks to her, repeatedly accusing her of infidelity and threatening to self harm. He headbutted Scotland international Ms Robertson during a 10-month long ordeal including turning up at her home in a jealous rage and smashing her door.

He was given a five year non-harassment order and 80 hours unpaid work.

The fact that he is now training with Rosewell club Whitehill has caused anger, with Midlothian West Councillor Pauline Winchester demanding that the club cuts ties with the player. She said: “I have no idea why Whitehill Welfare thought it would be a good idea to sign a man who is as dangerous as this to play any role in a so-called ‘family-oriented club’.

"He has already been sacked by one club, why Whitehill failed to do any due diligence remains an open question. This signing does not send the appropriate message to young boys and girls who aspire to be footballers, nor to those who are victims of domestic violence.

“Whitehill must sack him, as abuse of this or any nature must not be tolerated in any modern society.”

Tansey, from Dalkeith, also admitted launching a cup of hot tea at Ms Robertson amid another fiery confrontation.

Stock photo of Paul Tansey in action for Penicuik Athletic. Pic Lisa Ferguson.

Midlothian Council Leader Councillor Kelly Parry added: “Footballers are role models in our communities and it’s not ok to have someone in this position who has been convicted of appalling acts of violence.

“Allowing the convicted offender to now train with Whitehill Welfare is a shameful decision by the club and it sends a clear message of disregard to domestic abuse survivors across Midlothian and beyond. As a council we condemn this decision and we urge Whitehall Welfare to rethink.”

Whitehill Welfare declined the opportunity to comment.

Tansey is the older brother of former Hibs and Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths. The goal-scoring midfielder has also played for East Fife and several amateur outfits during his career.