Edinburgh crime: Drunk driver wanted by police arrested after crashing stolen car on Calder Road

Police arrested a driver after a collision involving a stolen car on an Edinburgh road.

Officers were alerted to a crashed car on Calder Road in the early hours of Friday morning. They rushed to the scene around 3.30am, and traced the driver of the car, a 42-year-old man.

The motorist was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and had previously been disqualified from driving. The man had an outstanding warrant, so was arrested by officers on the scene.

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Police discovered that the vehicle was stolen, so the motorist was also charged for the theft of the car and having no insurance.

Police arrested a driver after a crash on Calder Road.

Edinburgh Police Division announced the arrest on Twitter, writing: “About 3:30am this morning, we attended to a crashed car on Calder Road.

“The driver who was traced, was under the influence of alcohol, disqualified from driving and had an outstanding warrant.

“The 42 year old male was also charged with theft of the vehicle and no insurance.”