Edinburgh Crime News: Woman issues warning after ‘attempted ambush’ by group of men at Innocent Railway Tunnel

A woman has warned anyone who uses the Innocent Railway Tunnel to take care after she says that three men attempted to rob her while cycling.

By Rachel Mackie
Friday, 29th April 2022, 4:43 pm

Cara McKinley was cycling along the Innocent cycle path at around 6am on Friday, as she made her way to work.

When she approached the tunnel, she saw three men and realised something was wrong.

She said there were “three young men, all white, all in tracksuits, one on a bike”.

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"One was waiting on the track, saw me, moved aside and got on the phone,” she said.

"One was waiting at the mouth on the tunnel on his bike, on his phone, saw me and started cycling into the tunnel.

"I was on an electric bike so I made sure to speed away from him as fast as possible.

"The last boy was waiting at the other end of the tunnel at the mouth.

Edinburgh Crime News: Woman issues warning after ‘attempted ambush’ by group of men at Innocent Railway Tunnel

"Once I cycled past the boy on the bike I heard his bike stop and about 45 seconds later the boy at the mouth of the tunnel moved aside.

"By the time I got out the other side, he was hiding behind a bush.”

Cara reported the incident to the police after she was safe, and wanted to warn others about what had happened.

She believed the men were attempting to rob her, and could try the same tactic with others using that route.

“It made me feel like others would be in danger as it was a clear attempt to ambush someone in the tunnel.

"I will not change routes because it should not be the job of the victims to change in order for safety to happen.

"To make it safer police need to actually respond promptly to reports of this manner when they are called in.

"I passed by again at 8:30am today (as I left work early to decompress) and saw no sign that the police ever followed up on the call and I have had no contact with them either.”

Police Scotland have been approached for comment.

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