Edinburgh police increase patrols and set up mobile command vehicle with launch of 'Operation Winter City'

Operation Winter City aims to deter crime, engage with the public and respond to any incidents.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 12:57 pm
Updated Friday, 15th November 2019, 12:58 pm

Police in Edinburgh have once again launched their annual Operation Winter Cuty campaign to keep the public safe during the festive period.

The operation, which has been running for several years, provides those who live, work in and visit Edinburgh during Christmas and New Year, with a range of useful information aimed at preventing them from falling victim to crime or coming to the attention of police.

Edinburgh’s city centre will become increasingly busier over the coming weeks, with many visiting the European Market, shopping outlets and licensed premises while celebrating the holiday season.

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Operation Winter City aims to deter crime, engage with the public and respond to any incidents.

As such, police will have increased patrols in areas of high footfall throughout December and early January to engage with the public, deter crime and respond to any incidents, which may arise.

To increase police visibility and enhance engagement with the public, a Mobile Command Vehicle will be located at the junction of Rose Street and Hannover Street between 17th November and 4th January.

Members of the public in the city centre are welcome to attend at these vehicles to report a crime, or to obtain advice and guidance on personal safety, home security and crime prevention.

Now in its fourth year, Edinburgh Division’s famous Countdown to Christmas social media calendar will also be returning and anyone wishing to receive our daily safety messages on the run-up to Christmas can watch the videos on the Edinburgh Division Facebook page, or by following @EdinburghPolice on Twitter.

Inspector David Brady from the City Centre Policing Team said: “Edinburgh is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world to celebrate Christmas and New Year in and Operation Winter City helps us keep the Capital a wonderful place to stay in, as well as to visit during the festive period.

“From today, we will have increased high-visibility patrols throughout the city and these officers will be on hand to provide the public with any assistance they require, while also looking out for any matters that require police attention.

“Our dedicated resources will be doing everything they can to keep the public safe, but our communities have a vital role to play in helping with this.

“Taking simple steps such as looking after your personal belongings when you’re in town, planning your transportation for nights out in advance, drinking responsibly and ensuring your home and any outbuildings are appropriately secured, will help prevent you from falling victim to crime, or coming into contact with the emergency services for any reason.

“The information we will be providing, both face to face, and on our social media platforms is not only easy to understand, but very useful, so feel free to visit our Mobile Command Units and stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for the Countdown to Christmas calendar.

“On behalf of everyone at Edinburgh Division, have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year.”