Edinburgh policewoman permanently scarred from dog attack in the Pleasance

A police officer who was attacked by an out of control Rottweiler cross will be scarred for life, a court has heard.

Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 3:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 4:40 pm
PC Shona Mackay was savaged by the large Rottweiler Bulldog crossbreed.

PC Shona Mackay was savaged by the large Rottweiler Bulldog crossbreed when she attended at a flat in Edinburgh earlier this year.

The constable screamed in agony as the mutt named Archie sank its teeth into her right thigh before she managed to escape its clutches and make her way from the property at the city’s Pleasance area.

Dog owner Sharon Fyfe, 59, pleaded guilty to owning the out of control animal when she appeared in the dock at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Wednesday. 

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Fiscal Alistair Miller told the court PC Mackay attended at Fyfe’s home on an unrelated matter and was met at the front door by Archie and his owner.

Mr Miller said the large brown dog was barking loudly and acting in an aggressive manner towards the constable as she spoke to Fyfe.

The fiscal said: “The dog pushed past the accused and went into the common stairway and bit constable Mackay on the upper thigh.

“She shouted at the accused that the dog was biting her. The accused grabbed the dog and held it back and blood was then seen to be seeping through her jeans.

“The accused apologised and PC Mackay went downstairs to speak to her colleague.”

The PC was rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where she received a tetanus shot and antibiotics from medics.

The court heard the officer suffered two puncture wounds to her thigh and also had three large scratches on her leg.

The fiscal added PC Mackay will be permanently scarred due to the dog attack.

The court was also told Archie was immediately removed from the home and is being kept in kennels until the court decides what action should be taken.

Solicitor Melissa Virtue, defending, said she would reserve her mitigation until she receives a report on the dog’s future.

Sheriff Alistair Noble deferred sentence to next month.

Fyfe admitted being the owner of a Rottweiler Bulldog-cross dog that was a dangerously out of control and did bite PC Shona Mackay to her injury and permanent disfigurement at The Pleasance, Edinburgh, on August 6 this year.

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