Extradition hearing for alleged US fugitive delayed again

Extradition proceedings for an alleged US fugitive who is said to have faked his own death to escape sex charges have been delayed for another week after he instructed a new solicitor.

US prosecutors say the man is Nicholas Rossi, who allegedly raped a 21-year-old in Utah in 2008 and is also alleged to have attacked women elsewhere in the United States.

However, the 35-year-old man claims to be called Arthur Knight, a victim of mistaken identity who has never been to America.

He appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Wednesday afternoon via video link from the city’s Saughton Prison where he has been remanded in custody following his bail refusal last month.

US prosecutors want Rossi extradited to Utah where he is accused of sexual offences

The man has instructed solicitor criminal lawyer David Kinloch to represent him throughout the extradition hearing.

But Mr Kinloch asked Sheriff Christopher Dickson for proceedings to be delayed for a further week as he has “little professional knowledge” of the case and requires more time.

It is understood Mr Kinloch has also applied to the Scottish Legal Aid Board for funding to sanction junior counsel with more knowledge of the case.

Mr Kinloch said the information he had received from his client was “haphazard”.

The man is said to have faked his death and fled to Scotland to evade the rape charge.

After a failure to appear at a previous extradition hearing, he was remanded in custody where he remains.

Sheriff Dickson agreed to continue the hearing until August 18 and the man was remanded in custody in the meantime.