In full: The 300+ Edinburgh streets on Bonfire Night watch

Police have created a list of hundreds of streets in Edinburgh where trouble is likely to break out on Bonfire Night.

Monday, 5th November 2018, 7:21 am
Updated Monday, 5th November 2018, 3:37 pm

Officers have earmarked more than 300 city streets across Portobello, Pilton, Craigentinny and Muirhouse that will become enforced dispersal zones in a bid to crackdown on fireworks yobs.

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Bonfire Night mayhem: No-go areas cover more than 300 Edinburgh streets

The initiative is part of an effort to avoid a repeat of scenes of mayhem last year which saw cars set ablaze, firefighters attacks and a woman police officer suffer serious burns after being hit by a rocket.

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Police Scotland is appealing for information

• The full list of ASB dispersal streets (with beat codes) is as follows:


Craigroyston Grove

Craigroyston Place

Ferry Gait Crescent

Ferry Gait Drive

Ferry Gait Gardens

Ferry Gait Place

Ferry Gait Walk

Ferry Road From the junction with Silverknowes View to the junction with Pilton Drive (NF06 and NF07)

Greendale Park

Marine Drive From Globetrotter Hostel to the Roundabout at Muirhouse Parkway

Muirhouse Avenue

Muirhouse Avenue North

Muirhouse Bank

Muirhouse Court

Muirhouse Crescent

Muirhouse Drive

Muirhouse Gardens

Muirhouse Green

Muirhouse Grove

Muirhouse Loan

Muirhouse Medway

Muirhouse Park

Muirhouse Parkway from junction with Silverknowes Parkway to the junction with Pennywell Road.

Muirhouse Place East

Muirhouse Place West

Muirhouse Terrace

Muirhouse View

Muirhouse Way

Pennywell Gardens

Pennywell Grove

Pennywell Medway

Pennywell Place

Pennywell Road (boundary between NF06 and NF07)

Salvesen Crescent

Salvesen Gardens

Salvesen Grove

Salvesen Terrace

Silverknowes Eastway

West Shore Road from junction with Marine Drive to junction with West Harbour Road (NF06 and NF07)


Arneil Drive

Arneil Place

Boswall Parkway

Caroline Park Avenue

Colonsay Close

Colonsay Place

Colonsay View

Colonsay Way

Craigmuir Place

Crew Road North

Crewe Bank

Crewe Crescent

Crewe Grove

Crewe Loan

Crewe Place

Crewe Road Gardens

Crewe Road West

Crewe Terrace

Ferry Road From the junction with Silverknowes View to the junction with Pilton Drive (NF06 and NF07)

Ferry Road Avenue

Ferry Road Drive

Ferry Road Gardens

Ferry Road Grove

Ferry Road Place

Granton Mains Avenue

Granton Mains Bank

Granton Mains Brae

Granton Mains Court

Granton Mains East

Granton Mains Gait

Granton Mains Vale

Granton Mains Wynd

Granton Mill Crescent

Granton Mill Drive

Granton Mill March

Granton Mill Park

Granton Mill Place

Granton Mill Road

Granton Mill West

Long Craig Rigg

Marine drive from the junction with West Shore Road to Pennywell Road

Pennywell Road

Pilton Avenue

Pilton Drive

Pilton Drive North

Pilton Loan

Pilton Place

Royston Mains Avenue

Royston Mains Close

Royston Mains Crescent

Royston Mains Gardens

Royston Mains Green

Royston Mains Place

Royston Mains Road

Royston Mains Street

Saltire Street

Waterfront Avenue from Saltire Square to the junction with Waterfront Broadway.

Waterfront Broadway

Waterfront Gait

Waterfront Park

West Granton Access

West Granton Road from the junction with Pilton Drive North to Pennywell Road.

West Pilton Avenue

West Pilton Bank

West Pilton Brae

West Pilton Brae

West Pilton Crescent

West Pilton Crossway

West Pilton Drive

West Pilton Gardens

West Pilton Green

West Pilton Grove

West Pilton Lea

West Pilton Loan

West Pilton March

West Pilton Park

West Pilton Place

West Pilton Rise

West Pilton Road

West Pilton Street

West Pilton Terrace

West Pilton View

West Pilton Way

West Shore Road from the junction of Marine drive to the junction with West Harbour Road


Britwell Crescent

Bryce Avenue

Bryce Avenue

Bryce Grove

Christiemillar Avenue

Christiemillar Grove

Craigentinny Avenue

Craigentinny Avenue North

Craigentinny Crescent

Craigentinny Grove

East Telferton

Farrer Grove

Farrer Terrace

Fillyside Avenue

Fillyside Road

Fillyside Terrace

Findlay Avenue

Findlay Cottages

Findlay Gardens

Findlay Grove

Findlay Medway

Fishwives Causeway

Fleming Place

Goff Avenue

Hawkhill Avenue from junction with Lochend Butterfly Way to Lochend Road

Inchview Terrace

Kekewich Avenue

Kings Terrace

Loaning Crescent

Lochend Avenue

Lochend Butterfly Way

Lochend Castle Barns

Lochend Crescent

Lochend Drive

Lochend Gardens

Lochend Grove

Lochend Park

Lochend Park View

Lochend Quadrant

Lochend Road from the junction with Hermitage Park Grove to the roundabout at Lochend Road South

Lochend Road South

Lochend Square

Loganlea Avenue

Loganlea Drive

Loganlea Gardens

Loganlea Loan

Loganlea Place

Loganlea Road

Marionville Avenue

Marionville Crescent

Marionville Drive

Marionville Park

Marionville Road to the junction ???m SW from junction with Marionville Park.

Moira Park

Moira Terrace

Moira Terrace Lane

Nantwich Drive

Parker Avenue

Parker Road

Parker Terrace

Portobello Road from junction with Sir Harry Lauder Road to the junction with Craigentinny Avenue


Rear of Kings Place, Kings Road to Kings Terrace and Seafield Road East

Restalrig Avenue

Restalrig Crescent

Restalrig Drive

Restalrig Gardens

Restalrig Road South to Railway Bridge near to roundabout with Restalrig Avenue/Marionville Avenue

Restalrig Square

Saint Triduana’s rest

Seafield Road East

Seafield Road from the junction with Seafield Street to Seafield Road East

Seafield Street

Seafield Way

Sir Harry Lauder Road from Seafield Road East to the junction with Fishwives causeway.

Sleigh Drive

Sleigh Gardens

Stapeley Avenue

Sydney Park

Sydney Terrace

Vandeleur Avenue

Vandeleur Place

Wakefield Avenue

West Telferton


Abercorn Terrace

Adelphi Place

Aitchisons Place

Argyle Crescent

Arran Place

Baileyfield Crescent

Baileyfield Road

Bath Place

Bath Street

Beach Lane

Bedford Terrace

Bellfield Lane

Bellfield Street

Bellfield Terrace

Bridge Street

Bridge Street Lane

Brighton Place

Brunstane Gardens

Brunstane Road

Brunstane Road North

Coillesdene Avenue

Coillesdene Crescent

Coillesdene Gardens

Coillesdene Terrace

Colliesdene Loan

Dalkeith Street

East Brighton Crescent


Eastfield Gardens

Eastfield Place

Elcho Terrace

Electra Place

Esplanade Terrace

Figgate Bank

Figgate lane

Figgate Street

Fishwives Causeway

Great Cannon Bank

Hiillcoat Loan

Hillcoat Place

Hope Lane North

James Street

James Street Lane

John Street

John Street Lane

John Street Lane East

John Street Lane West

Joppa Gardens

Joppa Grove

Joppa Park

Joppa Road

Joppa Station Place

Joppa Terrace

Kings Place

Kings Road

Laing Terrace

Lee Crescent

Lower Joppa

Marlborough Street

Milton Drive

Milton Grove

Milton Road East to junction with Musselburgh Road

Milton Terrace

Morton Street

Mount Lodge Place

Musselburgh Road to Junction near to Bookers Cash and Carry

New Tower Place

Pipe Lane

Pipe Street

Pittville Street

Pittville Street Lane

Portobello High Street

Portobello High Street


Queens Bay Cottages

Queens Bay Crescent

Regent Street

Regent Street Lane

Rosefield Avenue

Rosefield Avenue lane

Rosefield Lane

Rosefield Place

Rosefield Street

Sandford Gardens

Seafield Road East from Kings Terrace to junction with Kings Road

Seaview Crescent

Seaview Terrace

Shrub mount

Sir Harry Lauder Road from junction with Seafield Road East to junction at Milton Road/Milton Road East.

South Morton Street

Spa Place

St Mark’s Lane

St Mark’s Place

St Mary’s Pl૎

St Mary’s Place Lane

Straiton Place

West Brighton Crescent

Westbank Loan

Westbank Place

Westbank Street

Westbank Street

Whins Place

Wilsons Park

Windsor Place

Windsor Place

Woodside Terrace

Woodville Court

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