Incorrect dashcam position ‘could see you charged’

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New research shows that half of drivers don’t know the rules around dashcams, satnavs or mobile phones on windscreens.

With an increasing number of drivers fitting dashcams in their cars to protect themselves against cash-for-crash insurance fraudsters, research by insurance firm Rias has revealed many of them may be breaking the law due to the device being mounted incorrectly on their windscreen.

The survey revealed half of drivers didn’t know it is illegal to place a dashboard camera or other digital device inside the area cleared by their vehicle’s windscreen wipers.

The UK Road Traffic Act 1988 states that no part of a device should intrude more than 10mm into the area centred on the steering wheel or 40mm into the area swept by your wipers. Having devices in these areas if you are involved in an accident may lead to charges of Careless or Dangerous Driving.

A Rias spokesman said: “The majority of drivers aged over 35 do not have their devices professionally installed and therefore are more likely to have them in the wrong position.”

“Make sure you install it in a safe location so you can clearly see the risks on the road,” they added.