Inverleith thieves smash through barber's wall to raid jewellery store

BRAZEN thieves smashed through the wall of a barber shop before raiding a neighbouring jewellers during an early morning heist.

Wednesday, 7th December 2016, 7:04 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:49 pm
Montagu Terrace. The scene after the break in. Picture; Jon Savage

Thousands of pounds worth of 18-carat diamond pendants and bracelets was snatched from Theodore David Jewellers on Montagu Terrace in Inverleith.

But to get to the jewels, the raiders first forced open Botanics Barbers and made their way to a hidden alcove in the rear of the shop.

They then – in scenes reminiscent of hit heist film Ocean’s Eleven – barelled their way into the jewellers.

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Yilmaz Pamuk outside the barbers where he works. Picture; Jon Savage

It is believed they used a crowbar – which was left at the scene as they made their escape – to break into the hairdressers before smashing through the interior wall between the shops.

Mr David was on holiday at the time of the raid – leaving the shop closed – and only returned to survey the extent of the damage yesterday.

He said he was still counting the cost, but estimated that at least several thousand pounds worth of jewellery had been taken.

He said: “It is difficult to judge the scale of the theft and damage just yet.

Montagu Terrace. Picture; Jon Savage

“We put about 80 per cent of the stock in the safe, but of what was left on display, whole areas have been cleared.”

Barber Yilmaz Pamuk, 45, said the thieves had also made off with five laptops from his shop.

One set of footprints had been left on the shop floor, but he believes there would have been accomplices.

He said: “It looks like they have used the same tool to break through the door, as they have to break through the wall.

Yilmaz Pamuk outside the barbers where he works. Picture; Jon Savage

“It was a big, thick, metal bar. They left it behind once they were finished.

“But once some of the bricks had been removed I think it would have been easy to get the others out.

“There was only one set of footprints, but I don’t believe he would have dared to come in by himself.

“Someone must have been waiting outside for him.”

Montagu Terrace. Picture; Jon Savage

Mr Pamuk said that despite the raid in the early hours of Sunday morning, he was open for business as usual the next day.

He said: “I was back here open for business on Monday. Thankfully they didn’t steal my clippers so I can at least still work.”

Mr Pamuk opened his barbers a year ago, but said it was not the first time the shop had been broken in to.

He said: “Three times it has happened here. I am surprised, it is a nice area and the people are so nice but people come here from other areas because they know there is no CCTV.”

Police have called for anyone with information on the raid to contact them.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police in Edinburgh are investigating following a break-in at a jewellery store in Montagu Terrace.

“The incident happened around 3.15am on Sundayand officers are continuing to liaise with staff to establish what items, if any, were taken. Anyone with information is asked to come forward.”