Leith Walk slasher is nephew of jilted acid attacker

JEALOUS knife thug Gary Modiak is the nephew of a notorious acid attacker, it has emerged.
Gordon Modiak at his 1991 trial. Picture: TSPLGordon Modiak at his 1991 trial. Picture: TSPL
Gordon Modiak at his 1991 trial. Picture: TSPL

Modiak was caged for seven-and-half years last week for slashing Peter Moyes - his former partner’s boyfriend - in the neck in a Leith Walk bar.

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Knife victim’s plea for sanity after another attack in the Lothians

Modiak’s jilted uncle, Gordon, was jailed for 20 years in 1991 for hiring a hitman to throw acid in the face of his ex-wife, Louise Duddy.

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He was later released but jailed for life in 2013 after trying to stab a nightclub bouncer after moving to Blackpool.

The dad-of-two flew into a rage over a remark that he’d be “more comfortable” in a gay bar.

The attack comes 22 years after he masterminded a crime which shocked Scotland.

After a bitter split from his wife, he paid a hired thug to throw sulphuric accident in her face - while he calmly watched from a getaway car parked in a quiet Slateford street.

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Ms Duddy, who was blinded by the attack, was just 16 when she met Gordon Modiak, falling pregnant only a year later.

He was eight years older and with money to burn thanks to his criminal ­activities.

The couple married, but the relationship was brutally violent. Modiak was obsessional, possessive and a bully.

He kept her away from friends and stopped her seeing her family. Louise eventually took the brave step of leaving him, but even a court order insisting he stay away from his former partner was ineffective.

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Modiak began plotting the attack on his ex-wife three months after their divorce.

His reign of terror came to a climax on February 13, 1991. Modiak had paid a man £3000 to throw a pint of sulphuric acid in his former wife’s face – while he watched from the vantage point of a getaway car.

The hired hitman, Kelvin Greenhalghse, hit the then 26-year-old full in the face as she ushered her two children into a car in Hutchison Place during a shopping trip.

The concentrated acid burned the enamel off her teeth and scarred her legs where it dripped through her clothes.

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Her sons, Deane, then eight, and Ryan, one, were also injured by the acid.

Modiak – who tried and failed to appeal against a 20-year jail sentence – spent 14 years in prison.

Greenhalghse, 32 at the time of the trial and from Armadale, West Lothian, was also jailed for 20 years.

Modiak gave a whining interview to the Evening News after being released in 2005 from his 20-year sentence for the acid attack.

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He said: “I’m out of prison now, but I’m still trapped. I’m made out as this monster, I’ve been portrayed as a nasty person – it’s not true.”

Speaking in his mother’s home in Bonnington Road, Modiak added: “I know I done wrong, it’s a terrible thing that I’ve done. But I’m being made to look like I was some kind of monster. I’m no angel, but I’m certainly not an animal.

“We knew acid burns, but we put our fingers in the stuff, it went warm for a second then cold. I thought she would end up with a red mark, it would go away within a month or two. I didn’t mean to blind her.”

He claimed he had driven himself into a moment of madness by a belief that Louise had been having affairs.

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Modiak added: “Louise tries to say she was the perfect wife and it was total abuse from me. The worst thing I ever did was give her a black eye.”

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