Man taken to hospital after crashing car into brick wall in Buckstone

An man has been taken to hospital by the emergency services after crashing his car into a brick wall following a medical incident.
The wall where the car has reportedly hit (Photo: Google)The wall where the car has reportedly hit (Photo: Google)
The wall where the car has reportedly hit (Photo: Google)

The crash happened at around 4pm this afternoon close to a row of shops on the corner of East Comiston Road and Buckstone Terrace.

According to eyewitnesses, the man was driving out of a nearby junction but failed to stop, crashing into a grit box, a sign and a brick wall connecting the road from the back garden of a flat.

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Eyewitnesses said the car hit a grass verge before the impact, with the man taken to hospital by the ambulance service.

Donna Johnston, pharmacy manager at the nearby Boots, said she and her staff heard the crash and went outside to see what had happened.

She said: "Someone ran in and said a car had just ran into a wall.

"A recovery truck came and took his car away about 20 or 30 minutes ago, and there is police tape around the grass verge so it has been cordoned off.

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"He was at the junction and nobody really knows what has happened. He came through a gap in the traffic and hit the grit box and hit a sign as well and then went through the brick wall."

Police Scotland said: "It was a one vehicle collision following a medical incident and the driver of the vehicle is now receiving appropriate medical care."