Married Edinburgh GP raped a student nurse he met on dating app

A shamed Edinburgh GP who raped a student nurse after contacting her through a dating site has been jailed.

By Dave Finlay
Wednesday, 15th June 2022, 10:58 am
Updated Wednesday, 15th June 2022, 10:59 am

Dr Manesh Gill carried out the sex attack on the victim after luring her to a hotel bedroom in Stirling on December 8 in 2018.

Jailing him for four years, a judge told Gill, 39, that the woman had described "a distressing and frightening encounter" which lasted for a couple of hours.

After his arrest, Gill asked a colleague: “What if they find morphine in her system? It will be her word against mine.”

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Behind bars: Rapist Edinburgh GP Manesh Gill

Lord Tyre said he was in "no doubt" that the gravity of the offence could only be marked by the imposition of a custodial sentence.

He told Gill that he would be placed on the Sex Offenders’ register indefinitely.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that married Gill went onto the Tinder site calling himself 'Mike' before saying he "superliked" the young woman's profile.

The woman said that he got her to go to his room to use a toilet and poured her a "really strong" pink gin and lemonade before she was attacked.

She fought back tears as she described how she was sexually assaulted as her body "shut down".

She told prosecutor Stephanie Ross: "He was on top of me. I was trying to push him off. I couldn't.

"I just felt like my whole body was stuck to the bed. He was having sex with me. I wanted to go home. I felt as if I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything.”

Father-of-three Gill, of Corstorphine, in Edinburgh, who worked as a doctor in the city, admitted that he brought a condom, Viagra and a bottle pink gin to the hotel.

The GP had denied raping the woman but was unanimously convicted of the sex crime committed when the victim was incapable of giving or withholding consent

Jurors deleted an allegation that Gill administered an intoxicating substance to the victim, who was unable to control her movements.

The woman, now 23, said they messaged each other through Snapchat for about six weeks before meeting at the hotel.

She used the bathroom in his hotel room and came out to find that Gill had made her a drink. She took only a few sips as she said it was "really strong".

The woman said: "I just felt like my body was heavy and I just felt sleepy and tired as if I wanted to go to bed."

She said she told Gill 'no' and 'stop it' during the attack. She eventually managed to get up and went to the bathroom. She said: "I came out of the bathroom and said 'I know what you've been doing to me'." She left the hotel and contacted police.

Gill claimed that the sex was consensual and said: "I'm a married man with a professional job and I was meeting women on dates. I didn't want it connected with my job or my wife."

Defence solicitor advocate Iain McSporran said Gill maintained his denial of the offence. He said Gill was "greatly respected and valued" as a GP.

Gill, who worked in the city’s Crammond district until he was charged, was moved to another medical practice. He now faces being struck off.