My heart goes to hit-and-run boy's family, says Shaun Woodburn's mum

IT'S approaching the most heartbreaking time of year for her '“ little over a week before the anniversary of her son's death.
The scene where the 10-year-old was hurt in a hit-and-run. Picture: TSPLThe scene where the 10-year-old was hurt in a hit-and-run. Picture: TSPL
The scene where the 10-year-old was hurt in a hit-and-run. Picture: TSPL

Yet even in her grief, the mum of Shaun Woodburn has put her own emotions aide, to send a heartfelt message of support to the parents of a hit-and-run victim.

Two thugs were jailed this week for mowing down a ten-year-old boy on a stolen motorbike. One struck him and left him for dead.

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The boy, who cannot be named, has been left with a limp and restricted movement in his right arm after the horror smash in Drylaw.

He also suffered permanent scarring and will need further surgery after being hit on a crossing in Ferry Road.

Connor Whalen, 20, was sentenced to three years and eight months on Tuesday after admitting riding the bike that hit the lad.

He fled the scene with the pal he was racing, Marc Miller, 23, who was given two years and 11 months. Both have previous convictions for motorbike offences.

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After reading about the horror and subsequent sentences, Denise Syme wrote a note for the boy’s parents expressing her support.

Denise’s note, passed on by the Evening News, reads: “My heart goes out to the family. They must have had an agonising wait to see if their son was going to make it or not.

“I am so glad that he made it and hope his injuries will not stop him having a good and fulfilling life.”

“Once again the sentence is not long enough and the criminals will once again be out on the streets in a couple of years,” continues Denise’s note.

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“We do need to look at the length of sentencing that we are giving for these thoughtless acts of crime.

“Please pass on my best wishes to the family and tell them we know how frustrated they must feel about that short sentence.”

Shaun’s family launched a campaign for tougher sentences after the young dad’s teenage killer was jailed for four years last month.

Former Bonnyrigg Rose footballer Shaun, 30, died after being punched by the then 16-year-old in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

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The teenager was handed a four-year sentence after the court heard he was part of a gang on a violent Hogmanay rampage attacking strangers across the city.

A petition was signed by nearly 70,000 people calling for a tougher sentence and Shaun’s family met with Crown officials but prosecutors rejected their appeal bid.

The ten-year-old hit-and-run boy’s family have also slammed the sentences handed down to Whalen and Miller.

The lad’s dad told the Evening News: “People think the sentencing is poor but in hindsight there is plenty of time for karma to take place.

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“The procurator fiscal needs to stop doing deals with these scum bags as far as we are concerned.

“The fiscal are as much criminals as the scumbag who left our boy in a road to die and the rodent who helped take the scumbag away from the scene.”