Public warned after Police are contacted over fake £50 note used in Morningside shop

The public has been warned to look out for fake £50 notes after one was reportedly handed over in a newsagents in Morningside.

Sunday, 30th June 2019, 8:21 am
Scottish 50 notes are often the target of forgery.

The Edinburgh News on Comiston Road was targeted with the note which was handed over to a young member of staff.

A post on social media page I Love Edinburgh warned that whoever had made the note was clever in that they used a particular method that stopped the note showing up as fake even when a UV pen was used.

The group then urged the public to be vigilant and to support their local shops as losses like this can't be sustained for small businesses.

The post said: "If you are in the area, please pop into this newsagents rather than the big supermarkets and show your support, as £50 is a lot of money to a small business that is tirelessly trying to compete then has to deal with this kind of thing."

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It then added: "The police are currently investigating this and a host of other fake money crimes in Edinburgh."

Speaking during a recent spate of forgeries a Police Scotland spokesperson said: “All genuine new style purple Sterling notes feature a watermark, a hologram that changes, a series of dashes which become a solid line when held up to light and has the name of the Bank in raised print. Each note has an individual serial number.

“Please ensure all notes are robustly examined to establish their authenticity.”

If anyone suspects they’re being presented with a fake note they should decline it and consider contacting Police Scotland via 101.