Queen Elizabeth II Edinburgh: Woman arrested after protest breaks out on Royal Mile

A woman has been arrested after a protester was seen holding an anti-monarchist sign during the proclamation of the new King in Edinburgh.

Moments before the ceremony on Sunday afternoon (September 11), a demonstrator appeared in the crowd opposite the Mercat Cross. She held a sign saying “f*** imperialism, abolish monarchy”.

Officers appeared behind her and took her away, prompting the crowd to applaud.

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One man shouted: “Let her go, it’s free speech,” while others yelled: “Have some respect.”

Police officers on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Police confirmed the arrest.

A police spokesman said a 22-year-old woman was arrested “in connection with a breach of the peace”. It came after hecklers were heard booing during the event.

The national anthem was then sung but, afterwards, people could be heard calling for a republic.

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After Lord Lyon King of Arms led three cheers, saying “hip hip” to replies of “hooray”, booing was heard for a second time.

Some mourners called the hecklers “disrespectful”, saying they should have avoided the proclamation if they believe in a republic.

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Additional reporting by PA.

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