Rolex taken after private hire driver is slashed

A KNIFE-wielding robber held up a private hire driver before making off with his gold Rolex after stopping for a bread roll.
Mohammed Miah's gold Rolex was stolen when his passenger pulled a knife on him. Picture: Jon SavageMohammed Miah's gold Rolex was stolen when his passenger pulled a knife on him. Picture: Jon Savage
Mohammed Miah's gold Rolex was stolen when his passenger pulled a knife on him. Picture: Jon Savage

Brave Mohammed Miah suffered a slash wound across four fingers after trying to fight off his attacker by grabbing the 12-inch blade.

Police, who said the watch was worth £7500, are now hunting the thug who launched the Gorgie attack last Friday morning after nipping to an all-night bakery.

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“My wife and children are still crying because of what happened to me,” said dad-of-two Mohammed, 55. “They’re so frightened and I am too. It’s wrong that this should happen while I’m trying to work.”

Mohammed’s terrifying ordeal began after picking up the pre-booked fare in Rannoch Road, Clermiston, shortly before 5am.

His passenger told Mohammed he wanted to go to Wardlaw Place, Gorgie, but to make a stop at the 24-hour Morrison’s Bakery on Morrison Street.

“I drove to Morrison Street and the man got out and bought a bread roll in a paper bag,” said Mohammed.

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A driver in the Capital for four years, Mohammed, from Blackhall, was then asked to drive to a block of flats in Wardlaw Place before asking for the £17 fare.

He said: “When we got there, he said he had no money and told me he was going home to get some and left his mobile in the car. As soon as he got back, he brought a big knife, opened my car door and said he wanted my watch or he was going to stab me.

“I grabbed the blade with my right hand and was struggling with him for about two minutes but he managed to get the watch off my wrist and then ran off with it and his phone.”

Mohammed, who drives for Edinburgh City Private Hire, managed to phone for help on his radio while trying to stem the blood from the gaping wound on his right hand.

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He said: “The police and ambulance arrived quickly and they took me to the Royal Infirmary where they glued it. It’s quite deep on one finger and still bleeds. I only bought the watch about four months ago from a jewellers on George Street and I don’t have insurance.”

Detectives took Mohammed’s VW Sharan for forensic tests and are “pursuing a number of lines of inquiry”.

His attacker is described as black, 5ft 8ins tall of medium build with short dark hair shaved at the sides and slightly longer on top.

He had a small beard and was wearing a black Nike Jacket with Nike Swoosh and lettering, dark trousers and red trainers.

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Detective Constable Joyce Gunderson said: “In addition to the painful injury to his hand, the victim is also extremely upset at the theft of his very valuable watch.

“We are eager to hear from anyone who can help us trace both the suspect and the stolen item. If you remember seeing any suspicious activity around Wardlaw Place around 5am last Friday, or have any other information relevant to our investigation then please contact police immediately.”

Anyone with information can contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.