Scottish Water issue safety advice over bogus callers

Scottish Water is urging customers to help stop bogus callers who may take advantage of the darker conditions when the clocks go back.

Thursday, 26th October 2017, 1:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:12 pm
Scottish Water have issued safety advice.

Vulnerable and elderly people are often a target and with the clocks going back on Sunday October 29, people should be vigilant and aware of the risk of bogus callers at any time including when it is darker, such as the mornings, afternoons and early evenings.

Scottish Water have urged residents that if they knock on your door, check for photo ID and follow the three Cs rule, CARD, CHECK and CALL.

Anyone calling on behalf of Scottish Water, whether it is a Scottish Water employee or a contractor working on their behalf, will always carry a photo ID card or letter, and will always be willing to pass on said card to prove their identity.

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Residents are being urged also to check the ID card carefully to make sure it matches the person at the door.

Scottish Water have stated that if there is in any doubt about the caller’s identity call the Customer Helpline on 0800 0778778

Mr Peter Farrer, Scottish Water’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “Scottish Water works in local communities across Scotland every day of the year. Our own workers are highly visible and unfortunately there are occasionally people who take advantage of the essential work we do by posing as bogus water employees.

“So we would like to remind all our customers of our essential advice – if we knock on your door, check our photo ID and follow our Three C’s rule: Card – Check – Call.

“All our employees, and anyone working on our behalf, carry photo ID which they will happily show on request – so don’t let anyone in to your home until you are sure of their identity”.

Mr Farrer added: “If you are on your own or feel you need more support then call a neighbour or a friend, and if you are at all worried or unconvinced by a caller, then please contact the police straight away. The advice is easy to remember – just 3 C’s – Card, Check and Call.”

Michael Roberts, Chief Executive, Water UK, said: “The water industry’s message to consumers about bogus callers remains simple – if in doubt, keep them out. This crime targets the most vulnerable people in society, and the whole industry is committed to tackling it.”

In a bid to help customers take additional steps to prevent bogus callers, Scottish Water is again offering an Anti-Bogus Caller Pack which contains a personal electronic alarm, window sensor, door viewer and guard bar.