Six-week-old kittens recovering well after being found dumped in Livingston skip

The kittens spent the night in a skip in freezing conditions.

Two kittens are recovering well after being found dumped in a skip in Livingston.

Shocking images of the six-week old kittens huddling together in cold conditions were shared on social media by Cats Protection West Lothian on Saturday.

In a Facebook post, the charity initially said one of the kittens was doing okay while the other was fighting for its life. But an updated post on Tuesday suggests both cats are now doing well.

The kittens were found dumped in a skip in Livingston. Pictures: Cats Protection West Lothian.


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The charity is now urging people to come forward with any information about the mother cat.

In Saturday's initial Facebook post, the Cats Protection West Lothian Branch said: "Folks, another LOW... These two six-week old kittens were retrieved from inside a box which was put into a SKIP in Livingston.

"Must have spent last night, remember that it was minus 2 (degrees Celsius), in this box in the skip. Got them to our vet this morning, spent the day in an oxygen tent with a heat pad, wee ginger kitten okay, but touch and go for other one. Will keep you all updated."

Cats Protection West Lothian said their concern now is for the mother cat and have urged anyone with information to come forward in a bid to find her.


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The kittens were found huddled together in a skip in Livingston. Pic: Cats Protection West Lothian

The post said: "She will not be neutered... in total confidence, if anyone knows anything. we will pay for the mum cat to be neutered, no questions asked, nothing, please, please, please just call, we won't ask your name, just please let us pay to get the mum neutered and there will be no more unwanted kittens put in a box and into a skip. Please share. Please call. 01506 298107."

An updated Facebook post on Tuesday morning said the two kittens are doing "very well" and are starting to venture out of their beds and trust humans again.

The post said they were both eating and becoming more active as the day goes on.


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The Cats Protection branch also thanked members of the public for their support and messages after their appeal for information.

One of the kittens was struggling initially. Pic: Cats Protection West Lothian

The images have sparked outrage on social media.

Frank Love wrote: "Why in God's name did they just dump the poor things to die? Surely they are aware of organisations like Cats Protection and SSPCA who would do their utmost to help re-home them. Even leaving them in a place where they would be easily found would have been preferable to a skip. Totally heartless!"


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Barry Mclaughlin said: "How the f**k can anyone do this to any animal let alone little kittens... these folk are sick."

Kate Leishman said: "I’m horrified! What’s wrong with phoning a rescue and asking someone to take these babies in! Surely better than dumping them in a skip on a freezing night. What’s wrong with people. They must’ve been terrified."

The kittens are making a recovery.

Yvonne Harper wrote: "Our two were found at Beecraigs in a similar situation 4 years ago. Unfortunately one of the 6 kittens didn’t make it but the other 5 were all re-homed at 12 weeks.


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"Our two boys are now very spoiled & thankfully it became a happy story for them.

"Hope the same happens for these two wee scones. Xx"