The 11 dog breeds most likely to be stolen in the UK, and how to protect your pet

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The dog breeds which are most commonly stolen in the UK, and how to protect your pet

For most dog owners, pets are part of the family and the idea of having your beloved four-legged friend stolen hardly bears thinking about. However, it is important to consider how to keep your pet safe, as sadly dog theft is on the rise.

UK insurance provider ADT has found out which dog breeds are most at risk of theft, following FOI requests to each UK police force. It has also provided advice for owners. Firstly, it’s vital to microchip your pet, which can help to easily identify and quickly return them if they are stolen or lost. Be careful when posting on social media – keep your privacy settings high, don’t post live from your location, and be wary of strangers asking questions about your dog.

Get a dog sitter and install home security if you’re leaving the dog at home for long periods of time. It gives your pet company they require and also acts as a deterrant to thieves. Finally, when walking the dog, try and walk in a pair if possible. Walking on your own could make you a potentially easy target for thieves – especially in the dark.