Thief used Edinburgh customer's cancelled bank card to withdraw £300 - in Elgin

AN ANGRY bank customer has told how her cancelled stolen debit card was used to withdraw £300 cash '“ more than 170 miles away in Elgin.

Monday, 17th December 2018, 10:30 am
Updated Monday, 17th December 2018, 12:16 pm

Bingo worker Brenda Scott phoned TSB to inform them of the theft during a night out with friends in the West End, only for it to be used more than a week later.

To make matters worse, Mrs Scott said the bungling cashier breached data protection laws in disclosing her job and earnings to whoever withdrew the cash.

“I’ve been thinking about it all week,” said Mrs Scott, 55, from Magdalene.

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Brenda Scott says she has been let down by TSB, which is looking into her complaint.

“It’s so devastating that they could let this happen. When I cancelled my card, I thought I’d be safe. I’d done the right thing, I’d done what they asked.”

Mrs Scott was out enjoying a drink with friends in the West End on the evening of November 25 when their group was joined by a stranger.

“We were in Mathers Bar and this woman came and befriended us,” she said. “About an hour later she’d vanished and after she’d left, I noticed my purse was missing.” So as soon as Mrs Scott got home she phoned the police to report the suspected theft and TSB to cancel her card.

“I rang my bank and told them my story – that my card had been stolen. They said it was cancelled and asked if I wanted a new card and to keep the same PIN number.

“I was just back from holiday in Portugal so I only had about £30-£40 in my account.”

But after being paid at the end of the month, Mrs Scott checked her balance at a Morningside ATM on December 3 to find £300 withdrawn in Elgin.

“I said it certainly wasn’t me because I wasn’t in Elgin,” she said. “She got the person on the phone and said the girl was in tears because she realised she’d made a massive mistake.

“The cashier [in Elgin] breached my data protection by giving out details of my workplace and earnings. I have no idea why on earth she would do that. I’m so angry.”

Police confirmed a 50-year-old woman is expected to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court after being charged with the theft of Mrs Scott’s purse and card.

A TSB spokeswoman apologised and said staff had refunded Mrs Scott and were working to resolve her complaint.

She added: “Protecting our customers’ money is our number one priority and we have security checks in place to make sure our customers’ money is safe at all times.

“Unfortunately on this occasion the fraudster had all the relevant information about the customer to pass the identity verification process.”