Tiny Leith woman with tartan trolley stands up to Range Rover thug – Susan Morrison

An unlikely superhero? Bullies should beware women with tartan trolleysAn unlikely superhero? Bullies should beware women with tartan trolleys
An unlikely superhero? Bullies should beware women with tartan trolleys
Some people simply will not pass by on the other side when a bully decides to attack, writes Susan Morrison.

In the past week I witnessed two spectacular interventions by ordinary people against bullies.

A doughball in a white Range Rover tried to drive though a green man signal. There was a young man legitimately crossing the road. The driver, who’s IQ only just equalled the number of wheels on the car, blasted his horn at the pedestrian.

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The young man indicated he had a perfect right to be on the crossing.

The driver, incensed by such bravura from someone clearly not rich enough to afford a car that screamed ‘inadequate’, pulled over and started after the young man giving it the full battle verbals of swearing and threats.

A tiny Leith woman appeared from nowhere dragging her wee tartan trolley. She commended the young man for crossing lawfully, then laid into the doughball.

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He fired back with a threat to “gie her a right belt”. She retaliated, in a voice dripping with sarcasm, “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough, son”.

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The young lad collapsed laughing. So did I. Angry man slunk back to his leather interior.

Later I saw a man in the Kirkgate take on four boys bullying a fifth.

Granted, the language was choice, but the intervention was real, and the defence of the victim was genuine.

I thought about those interventions last week, after those terrible events in London. A terrorist is, after all, the ultimate bully.

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Members of the public didn’t stay away but ran towards the danger and took the attacker down with a stunning display of courage. They intervened. I watched two people step up and intervene.

Are we starting to tire of these bullies who shout, threaten and even kill to get their way? Sign me up. I’ll get a tartan shopping trolley. Everyone quails before wee women with tartan trollies.