Video: Shocking footage shows boy '˜bus surfing' in Edinburgh

TEENAGERS have been caught on camera risking their lives bus surfing on some of the Capital's busiest roads.

The warning comes after the latest video emerged online showing a “foolish” boy hitching a ride on the back of a number 26 bus.

The city council has condemned the stunt – one of a spate in recent months – which sees a young boy, clad in tracksuit and trainers, clinging perilously with his fingers onto the back of a Tranent-bound bus.

The Lothian bus is travelling through Meadowbank with the driver and passengers unaware of the boy’s actions due to the Edinburgh Zoo advert on the back.

A boy was filmed 'bus surfing' a Lothian Bus to Tranent. Picture: Unknown/Screen grab

A City of Edinburgh Council spokesperson said: “This behaviour is extremely foolish and someone could end up being seriously hurt. We would urge young people not to take part in these dangerous stunts.”

The dangerous stunt is part of a worrying trend of such incidents, coming just days after a separate bus surfing incident in Edinburgh involving three schoolboys.

The young trio was filmed clinging on at speeds of up to 30mph before jumping off at Portobello High School.

Sherie Yorkston, 30, also witnessed a young boy bus surfing on King’s Road in Portobello.


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A boy was filmed 'bus surfing' a Lothian Bus to Tranent. Picture: Unknown/Screen grab

The mobile hairdresser said: “It was the same bus as the one in the video a couple of weeks ago. I heard lots of cars beeping and when I turned around I was in disbelief.

“He was laughing away to himself, but he was being stupid and idiotic. He’s not thought how dangerous this is and someone could have been hurt.”

The new video has been viewed and shared thousands of times since it was first shared on Facebook. Some comments on the video labelled the boy’s act as “idiotic”. Lothian Buses last night declined to comment.


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Bus surfing is just one variation of a craze that involves hitching a ride off the back of a public transport vehicle, including buses, trains and trams.

Members of the public had a mixed reaction to the video on Facebook with many admitting to bus surfing at some point in their lives.

David Pennycuick said: “Used to do it on the back of the ice cream van back in the day.”

Meanwhile, others were quick to slam the boy’s actions.


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Kerry Minty said: “This is shocking. Nice the person that took the video just laughed.”

Linda Wilson said: “Parents admit to doing it but would you encourage your kids to do it?”

Police Scotland refused to comment.